Ekiti South’s Unyielding Quest for Equity: Shola Gabriel’s Crusade for 2026

Ekiti South’s Unyielding Quest for Equity: Shola Gabriel’s Crusade for 2026

Thursday, June 13, 2024 1:23 pm

Shola Gabriel

Shola Gabriel

As the political climate in Ekiti State heats up in anticipation of the 2026 gubernatorial elections, Shola Gabriel, a renowned legal expert, has emerged as the unwavering voice advocating for a long-overdue power shift to the Ekiti South Senatorial District.

His passionate campaign is rooted in the quest for equity and justice, aiming to correct decades of political imbalance and neglect that have plagued Ekiti South.

Since Ekiti State’s inception in 1996 under the military rule of General Sani Abacha, and through 25 years of democratic governance, the gubernatorial office has been held alternately by leaders from Ekiti Central and Ekiti North. This has left Ekiti South, which boasts the highest number of local governments in the state and houses the vital economic hub of Ikere, without representation at the highest level of state leadership.

Gabriel’s crusade highlights the glaring historical injustices faced by Ekiti South. The political landscape shifted in 2007 when demands for equity led to the election of Governors Segun Oni and Kayode Fayemi from Ekiti North, a move driven by the principles of fairness and balanced representation. Despite these precedents, today’s political gatekeepers, many of whom benefited from past power shifts, are now resisting similar changes that would benefit Ekiti South, exposing their vested interests in maintaining the status quo.

The argument against the power shift posits that Ekiti’s cultural homogeneity should render regional considerations irrelevant. However, this viewpoint neglects the state’s intricate cultural tapestry, marked by diverse dialects and traditions. The creation of senatorial districts was meant to promote inclusive governance and administrative efficiency, making the case for Ekiti South’s inclusion in the gubernatorial rotation both logical and imperative.

Gabriel’s advocacy is firmly anchored in the belief that power should be both sought and fairly distributed. He draws a parallel with the national political stage, referencing the necessary shift of presidential power to southern Nigeria in 2023. Gabriel insists that it is equally crucial for Ekiti South to assume the gubernatorial role in 2026, framing this as a vital step towards achieving justice and equity within the state.

In his call to action, Gabriel urges political stakeholders and party members to recognize the importance of ceding the gubernatorial slot to Ekiti South. He asserts that this move is not just a political strategy but a moral duty, essential for rectifying long-standing inequities and ensuring fair representation.

“Ekiti South has borne the brunt of political exclusion for too long,” Gabriel emphasizes. “Our time to lead and contribute to the state’s development is now. We must mobilize and demand the fairness that has been denied to us.”

Gabriel’s campaign is more than a political movement; it is a rallying cry for justice and inclusivity. His vision for Ekiti South’s political future is one where the region is not merely a participant but a leader in shaping the state’s trajectory. As the 2026 elections approach, Gabriel’s message is resonating deeply, inspiring a collective push for a more equitable governance structure in Ekiti State.

The stakes are high, and the call for unity and determination among Ekiti South’s stakeholders has never been more urgent. Gabriel’s advocacy underscores that the region’s quest for gubernatorial representation is not just about political power but about achieving a fair and balanced state where every district has an equal opportunity to contribute and thrive.

“The future of Ekiti State depends on our ability to embrace fairness and equity,” Gabriel declares. “By supporting a gubernatorial candidate from Ekiti South, we are not only correcting a historical wrong but also paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous state for all its citizens.”

Gabriel’s campaign for the 2026 gubernatorial power shift is poised to redefine Ekiti State’s political landscape, setting a precedent for justice and equitable representation. His unwavering commitment to this cause continues to inspire and mobilize support, heralding a new era of political fairness for Ekiti South.

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