Senegal Presidential Election: Opposition Candidate, Faye, Wins

Senegal Presidential Election: Opposition Candidate, Faye, Wins

Monday, March 25, 2024 3:54 pm

Opposition Candidate, Bassiro Faye, casts his votes today at Ndieganiao in Mbour Polling Station

Opposition Candidate, Bassiro Faye, who cast his votes yesterday at Ndieganiao in Mbour Polling Station, has won

Abubakar Hashim

Opposition Candidate, Bassirou Faye, 44, has emerged winner in Senegal’s Presidential elections. So far, he has taken a commanding lead, amid an explosive wave of change, particularly among the youths and women, who constitute the bulk of voters yesterday. Government Candidate, Amadou Ba has congratulated Faye as the new President of Senegal. Faye surprisingly won in the first round

People voted in anger for change. Already, Faye’s supporters had started playing loud music when it appeared the opposition candidate, Faye, was cruising to victory, possibly at first. He got enormous support from Ousmane Sonko. Both were recently released from detention

It was earlier predicted there would be a runoff, but the explosive wind for change has blown that prediction into thin air!

The majority of Senegalese voted yesterday in anger for change, in a country with high inflation, unemployment and mass migration of youths to Europe, with huge fatalities in the high seas.

Last week, Senegal’s international football star, Sadio Mannie, donated $50,000 to bereaved families who lost loved ones in the high seas to Europe for greener pastures.

*Abubakar Hashim is the West Africa Bureau Chief of TheNEWS Magazine

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