In defence of Achraf Hakimi

In defence of Achraf Hakimi

Monday, April 17, 2023 9:13 am

Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk

By  Fred Chukwuelobe,

Before you criticise the Moroccan international who plays for French Ligue 1, PSG, please consider what happened to other footballers who were not as smart. Emmanuel Eboue, etc.

Secondly, do not use our marriage institutions to do the comparisons. Divorce is not rampant in our clime. Gold diggers are not common in our clime.

If it is in this country, it is easier for a woman to be trusted with her hubby’s wealth. In the absence of the man, the woman will most likely take care of the family he left behind; the woman will not likely ask for a 50-50 share of the wealth.

Now, let us look at this scenario.

Achraf Hakimi makes all the money, and the wife files for a divorce, takes 50 per cent of his hard-earned money, disappears into the streets, begins to live life of opulence with another man just after two years of marrying the footballer. How would you feel seeing another man not only possess your possession but drive luxury cars, live in a luxurious house off the money you made breaking your legs? Think of it for a moment.

Hakimi and his mother,
Saida Mouh

I don’t want to join in the bandwagon of condenmation of the footballer for trusting his mother with his billions. My dear, at 34 or so, the man retires. If he’s not careful, he may retire into penury and regret ever marrying. I think he acted well.

Don’t tell me she is his wife and ought to be trusted with his wealth. Ask those who did. Ask Eboue. Ask others who suffered in the hands of women who divorced them. Check our brothers in the UK, the US, and other Western nations, who got thrown out by the women they flew back home to marry and take abroad. Gnashing of teeth will greet your inquiries.

Only a fool learns from his own experience. Achraf Hakimi is not foolish.

I write as an Igbo man whose nation frowns at divorce at the slightest reason like cheating. It is not that I support cheating. No! My culture has a way of managing the situation and avoiding divorces.

In those places, women can divorce for the flimsiest of excuses. Women can mary five times in their life times. We hardly divorce. Therefore, we have no fear of our womenfolk playing ludo with our money. As a matter of fact, we have common bank accounts; we buy and register properties together as Fred Chukwuelobe and Njideka Chukwuelobe, not as Mr. & Mrs; we marry “for better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

Except for domestic abuses and other cruel treatment of our wives, we find ways to manage and continue in our marriage. Parents hardly encourage divorces. Women hardly call for divorces.

So, I am sorry I won’t do the analysis of the Achraf Hakimi situation with my culture. It won’t add up. My only worry is that ladies over there will be a little circumspect in signing prenuptial agreements learning from the Spanish lady’s experience.

Otherwise, Achraf Hakimi played smart like his PSG and Moroccan games.

Women, forgive me, but this is my opinion. My wife is safe with my kobo kobo. My mother is dead. She won’t even agree with me cheating my wife if she were to be alive neither would she agree to manage my shi shi instead of my wife managing it.

As we say in Igbo, “nku Di na mba na esili mba nni”. ( literally translated “People live according to their cultures using what they have”).

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