Tinubu and all the talk about press interviews

Tinubu and all the talk about press interviews

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 9:49 pm

Temitope Ajayi

By Temitope Ajayi

I always find it quite amusing reading the typical self-conceited people on social media pick bone with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for not talking about his plans and vision for Nigerians.

It must be the reason Reuben Abati betrayed every sense of professional etiquette and decorum on national television with his condescending open invitation to Tinubu to grant a live interview to Arise TV.

The nauseating talk about Tinubu dodging interviews and not speaking to Nigerians is absolutely nonsensical. With the campaign expected to last six months, what is the sense in a candidate going on TV and radio to be talking gibberish like Peter Obi does. For the discerning, it is obvious that Obi is already petered and burnt out, no thanks to his junketing all over broadcast stations.

In all of Obi’s interviews, what new ideas, policy reforms and initiatives has he espoused to solve Nigeria’s socio-economic and political challenges? I dare his supporters to answer this question with all sincerity of purpose.

Every passing day, more people are getting turned off over Obi’s penchant for regurgitating problems without pointing the way forward. The man, now easily predictable, seems to get his kicks by regaling us with tales of woes.

Fact is, Peter Obi has done more damage to himself and his brand than he or his supporters are willing to admit. To put it more bluntly, rational Nigerians have seen through him as just all talk and no substance.

Tinubu has the next six months to talk to Nigerians. And he would speak clearly, boldly and convincingly to the issues that confront Nigerians with clear solutions and way forward. He will address core issues of development in press interviews, town hall meetings, roundtables and other avenues of public engagement.

Let those goading Tinubu to grant interviews know this: he won’t allow himself to be railroaded by cynical mischief makers.

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