Single mothers: Reno Omokri should know better

Single mothers: Reno Omokri should know better

Sunday, May 23, 2021 12:00 pm


Reno Omokri



The thing that annoys me most with Reno Omokri’s attack on single mothers….

Reno Omokri is son to an Urhobo man from Igun in Delta state. His father was one of the youngest justices. A brilliant brilliant man.

The father did not marry the mother.

Reno Omokri’s mother is Itsekiri, a matrilineal tribe with very resourceful and hard working women.

Like many tribes, a lot of the women are SINGLE MOTHERS

In fact, in Delta State, Itsekiri women will not take the rubbish many tribe women take. They will go with their child and raise him or her, with the help of their closely-knit society.

The Itsekiris do not judge. They love all their children, as long as Itsekri blood runs in their veins

So many kids born to Urhobo and Ijaw fathers claim the tribe of their Itsekiri mothers who raised them literally as SINGLE MOTHERS

Reno Omokri’s mother was no different. She raised RENO as a SINGLE MOTHER. She thrived doing this.

Reno recently inherited good money from her passing and used the government power to forcefully remove longstanding tenants of his mother from the houses he inherited from her

So Reno Omokri knows firsthand the struggles of a SINGLE MOTHER, and how many times it is no fault of theirs

At least he should understand that not all children are born in WEDLOCK


So, ignoring his background and story and or being PURPOSEFULLY AMNESIAC and going on to attack single mothers, asking us to show them NO SYMPATHY is unconscionable.

If you think I am telling a lie, ask Reno Omokri how a man with a surname OMOKRI (meaning small he-goat in Urhobo) and Reno is Itsekiri. Ask him how come he is Itsekiri today with an Urhobo father.

Any woman, any person struggling needs love and support, be they single or married or single mothers. Judging people and how they got pregnant is not a Jesus thing to do. Reno Omokri should know this more than anyone else.

“for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the lord” Romans 3:23

“As it is written ‘who is righteous? No, not even one” Romans 3:10

We continue to show support for his politics and congratulate him on his new baby.

-Ena Ofugara, writer, lawyer, health worker and public affairs analyst, writes from Houston, Texas.

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