BBNaija: Why Laycon won the N85m star prize

BBNaija: Why Laycon won the N85m star prize

Sunday, September 27, 2020 10:18 pm


By Nehru Odeh

Just as The TheNEWS predicted, Laycon has won the BBNaija Lockdown Season 5 prize. He is going home with N85 million.

Here is what TheNEWS predicted:

“The housemates in strong contention for the prize are Laycon, Nengi and Dorathy. Throughout the six weeks they have stayed in the house, these housemates put up a strong showing, have shown very exemplary behaviour and strong character and have huge fan bases. While Nengi or  Dorathy may spring a surprise and win the competition, if the feelers from social media and opinion polls are anything to go by, Laycon is highly favoured to win the N85 million, ” TheNEWS wrote.

In the build up to the grand finale, Laycon left no one in doubt that he was the man to beat. Aside from showing character in the face of provocation and an an underlying health condition (he has sickle cell anaemia), Laycon is head and shoulder taller than the other housemates.

Not only is he a rapper who was the first among his colleagues to be verified on Twitter, he is articulate, intelligent and has mental strength – qualities of a winner any day, anytime. Erica once acknowledged his  mental prowess when she said she was attracted to him mentally but not physically.

Another thing that worked for him was that he was focused. Right from the outset, he knew what he wanted: the N85 million. So he didn’t waste quality time by engaging in unholy liaisons and relationships that were the undoing of many of his colleagues.”

BBNaija: Why Nengi was evicted

Though the news of Nengi’s eviction has sent shock waves across the continent, it did not come as a surprise to many.

However, in the build up to the grand finale, Nengi was one of the favourites to win the N85 million, she lost it midway.

She had all it takes to win the competition, but she lost it when she got entangled with Ozo.

The cat and mouse game she played with Ozo didn’t help matters. While Ozo was head over heels in love with her, not only did she leave his love unrequited, she left him high and dry.

Their liaison was so scandalous,.given the way Ozo was hanging round her, that many of their fans felt embarrassed and alienated. Both of them lost many fans and, therefore, social capital in the process. No one wins a war when he losses his foot soldiers without end. That was what happened to Ozo and now Nengi.

Those following my BBNaija stories know that once a lovebird is evicted, his or her partner would follow. This is what has happened to housemates such as Ka3na and Praise, Eric and Lilo, Kiddwaya and Erica and now Ozo and Nengi.

Here are lessons to learn from Nengi’s eviction:

1.Be focused – Nengi was never focused throughout her stay in the house, even though she came across as one who was. She frittered away quality time and opportunities with Ozo.

2. Gain friends rather than enemies. The way and manner Ozo and Nengi behaved in the house alienated many, including their colleagues and fans.

3.  Be mindful of others’ feelings. Nengi was never mindful of Ozo and his teeming fans. She played with Ozo’s emotions. She made Ozo fall head over heels in love with her and retraced her steps. That’s not the trademark of a soldier and one who is ready to win a war.

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