My 46-year old television

My 46-year old television

Friday, May 1, 2020 6:33 pm


Senator Shehu Sani and his old TV

By Shehu Sani

The Special thing about this Photo to me is the TV my Dad bought in 1974.National Brand;It was the TV we watched;The Sesame Street,Different Strokes,Some Mother’s do Have them,Good Times,Mix Blessings,Mind Your Language,Mighty Mouse,Faulty Towers,Sanford and Sons,Big league Soccer,The Avengers,The Saint,Man from the Atlantic,Hawaii five 0,Charles Angels,Love Boat,Mission Impossible;

It was also the same TV that I watched Gen Gowon in Power and the Coup speech of Gen Murtala Muhammed.I also watched the execution of Dimka and his group and the assumption of Gen Obasanjo as the Head of State in 1976.It was the same TV that made it possible for me to watch Chief Obafemi Awolowo,Nnamdi Azikiwe,Aminu Kano,Waziri Ibrahim and Shehu Shagari in campaigns leading to the 1979 transit to the second republic.I also watched the coup speech of Gen Sani Abacha that heralded the Buhari Military junta in December 1983.This TV also made it possible for me to watch the overthrow of Buhari and the rise of IBB.

There are many events this TV reminded me of, some good ones and some tragic ones;Festac77 hosted in Lagos and Kaduna,Maitasine uprisings,Lawrence Anini crimes in the 80s.

Without the Nigerian Television Authority,this TV could have mean nothing.Local Programs such as Titus Workshop,New Masquerade,Village Headmaster,Tambari,Karanbana,Behind the Clouds,Cork Crow at Dawn,Samanja,Magana Jari ce and so many more I watched via its screen. 

This TV rested in 1993.I preserved it for history and for the memories of those golden moments in the History of our country.

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