God didn’t make Covid-19 to happen

God didn’t make Covid-19 to happen

Friday, April 3, 2020 9:11 am


Funmi Peter-Omale

By Funmi Peter-Omale, London

#Covid-19 is not about creating fear or panic; it’s creating awareness about how dangerous it is. Especially how quickly it mutates, more than any virus ever known or seen in science and medicine.

The whole essence of putting up information and regular updates is basically to drive home the need to, and importance of the stay-at-home protocol. Plus the washing of hands and self isolation if feeling unwell.

Some “religious people” are busy making it look like it’s about being righteous, or being spiritually stronger than others. It’s alright to hold on to our faith and of course we can’t question God.

God didn’t make Covid-19 to happen, it’s people’s poor choices that caused it. Whether it was developed in the lab, as a lot of people believed; or it was caused by some Chinese food sellers in Wuhan selling and eating bats, or those eating monkey meat that caused ebola: it still boils to bad choices. Just as Eve chose to eat and gave Adam the forbidden apple. 

God has given us free will, He’s provided everything, some directly for our use while others are basically to balance the ecosystem (for us all to thrive) But some people will go out of their way, consciously and consistently doing the wrong things, experimenting and exploring on the macabre. 

That’s the price we now all paying, the poor choices of our humans.

Notwithstanding, it is very good to hold on to our faith, to be spiritual and prayerful as we like or should. After our faith is often what we have that cannot be taken from us.

Those that have passed away from #Covid-19 or any other virus in the  coronavirus family, including SARS, Ebola, mad cow disease and so on; does it mean they don’t believe in God or don’t have faith? I don’t think so. The Bible says nobody can add an extra hour to their life; when it’s time it’s time.

So let no one think they’re more self righteous than the other person; do your prayers and let others do theirs. If you solely want to be religious and do not want to educate yourself, to help yourself and others around you, because of this pandemic, let it be so. I mean it’s alright to hide under your religion if that’s how you can only cope. 

After all we all have different ways of coping, our coping mechanisms can never be the same.

But I still believe that it’s good to be aware as well as create good awareness around and about me.

That’s the new world order, to know and let other know, in case they don’t know!

-Funmi Peter-Omale, journalist, writes from London

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