Coronavirus: How you can play your part

Coronavirus: How you can play your part

Saturday, March 21, 2020 8:23 am

Funmi Peter-Omale

By Funmi Peter Omale

Some few weeks ago, I posted an infographics I lifted from a UK newspaper, quoting the WHO about the possibility of Covid-19 being a pandemic, also spreading to Nigeria and other African countries. It was labelled “fakenews” by overzealous and ignorant civil servants and their likes, who were relying on the *one confirmed* case announced by the Ministry of Health.

From what I saw then, I see some of our people are in a state of denial, still believing and Trusting the trash they are being fed by unscrupulous and slow government officials and their paid purveyors of crude propaganda. Their aim being to delay as long as possible, preventative actions as well as not to jeopardise the sources of income into the country. Basically they delayed border and airports checks of visitors and residents returning to Nigeria.

My message today is simple; you don’t need to know the number of confirmed cases, for each one of us to play our part in protecting us, ours and others. Even government doesn’t know the true number, because not everyone will get tested (there are not enough free test kits), and millions of people may even catch the virus and get well without a visit to the hospital or without a test.

Plus, loads more will automatically develop an immunity against the virus and not be sick at all.

Therefore, if you love yourself, your immediate and external family members and friends, please practice SOCIAL DISTANCING for now. It’s so easy for one person, a super spreader to infect so many others unintentionally (check the pic  story below).

Don’t be fooled by the chloroquine theory, the hot weather theory and all sorts of DIYs coming up online. It’s cheap publicity and easy money making ventures.

Just stick to health advice from trusted authorities. Best of all, keep a personal physical distance or space in public spaces, avoid touching surfaces in public, wash your hands as often as possible and keep away from PARTIES, FISH AND SUYA GARDENS, etc.

A partial lock down is already in place, prevention is better than cure. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

-Mrs Funmi Peter-Omale writes from London

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