Let President Trump Keep his Visas, it’s for our Own Good

Let President Trump Keep his Visas, it’s for our Own Good

Sunday, February 2, 2020 11:00 am

Buhari, Trump during a meeting in Washington D C

By Adewale Adeoye

All over the world, countries are becoming more nationalistic in the face of scarce material resources globally. We should know this.

Countries are saying: Our People First. It’s a matter of time, more countries in Europe will take the US path.

The most practical solution is for every country to look inwards and rebuild herself.

In the 1700s, our people were forced to go to America as slaves. Many returned, forced their way back to their fatherland because the social and economic conditions in Africa was better.

They padlocked their lips and forced them to go abroad but they never wanted to go.

Today, its voluntary slavery. If you bring a transport plane today and announce AMERICA FREE TRIP. Millions will rush to go, including Profs and Doctors even if it’s to go and be slaves.

At 60, 70, Nigerians are still struggling to locate abroad with their families. So unfortunate. Some even prefer to die abroad. It’s now a source of pride to be born abroad and to live and be buried abroad. We have made our own land and our motherland destestable to the living and the dead. Some even carry their dead from Nigerian to US to bury, more so in these days when corpses are targets of kidnappers.

Thousands are dying crossing the Meditaranean sea, something they would not do 300 years ago.

Centuries ago, they came and stole our resources.

Today, we steal the resources and ask Western countries to keep for us, its easier for them. We beg them to take over our infrastructure. We beg them to steal our money.

300, 100 years ago, We complained about their education, and what they thougth us, today, children of our leaders are rushing abroad for the same education. We ban the teaching of history, so, we now don’t have a sense of history anymore. So, we should re-examine ourselves.

We should think deeply. We have become embarrassment to the world order. We steal money, we steal goats and fowl, now we are stealing human beings through kidnapping.

Let America take her visas, let her shut her doors and protect her own people. They have thrown a challenge at us. Let us turn the challenge to triumph.

Let us make this place a better place so that Americans will beg to come here.

You cannot collapse and shitcolour your house and consistently beg your decent neigbour to open his challets for you.

We all want to go abroad because its beautiful but common flowers, our govts cannot plant and maintain on our streets; we cant even produce enough tomatoes or common vegetables or fruits enough for our
children to feed.

It is in this country you see traditional rulers using a car worth N20 million but his community has no single borehole worth 500k.

It is here 5 policemen protect LG Chairman and his community has only one protecting them; the community has no light but the politician around has a generator worth 5million naira.

When are we going to grow? To even rebel, the oppressed wants to be paid in order to fight for his freedom. We are paid to produce bad leaders on voting day. Some sold us to slavery 300 years ago. Today, we enslave ourselves since people dont buy slaves abroad like before. We sell our dignity for coins when politicians come to campaign and then we turn around to condemn them for poor performance.

It wasn’t as bad as this, no thanks to years of military rule that destroyed our humanity and sharpened the beast instint in us. The worst is to now begin to kill ourselves because of something that is not ours. They brought religions, we grab them and begin to kill ourselves, behead ourselves , divide ourselves demolish our own values and heritage because of something that is not ours.

We either do something drastic or the world will leave us behind. Adewale Adeoye.

-This piece by Adewale Adeoye, was shared on whatsapp by NPO reports

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