Birthing Purpose Launches Its First Purpose-experience Business Forum

Birthing Purpose Launches Its First Purpose-experience Business Forum

Monday, May 20, 2019 2:34 pm

Tobi Odukoya

Birthing Purpose, aglobally positioned social enterprise has officially announced the launch of its pioneer entrepreneurship series called “The Business of Purpose”. The Business of Purpose Series is organising herpioneer meeting; an upcoming event titled “Building a Purpose Driven Enterprise” scheduled for Saturday May 25, 2019.

The event is a premiere in its purpose-igniting entrepreneurshipseries;serving as a platform for personal capacity development and empowerment of young entrepreneurs to createand transform their existing businesses to purpose driven (social)enterprises that are profitable and positively impact their local communities.

The Business for Purpose Series offers a rare opportunity for learning from experts, networking with SME support entities including government bodies, financial institutions, accelerators, incubators as well as acquaintance with real, after-the-event facilitating programs geared towardsadvancing and reinforcing required skills for successfully operating sustainable for-profit enterprises.

The event also offers an extensiveand holistic experience which aims to highlight the benefits of operating a purpose driven businessinstead of the usual run-of-the-mill traditional enterprise. Esteemed speakers include Dr Seye Kehinde, Ade Adeyemi, Tessy Zidon Peters, Adetola Okanlawon (MBA-IT), Olawunmi Ogunde.

Tobi Odukoya, CEO of Birthing Purpose remarks:
“I truly believe that creating a social enterprise as a business model is the key to making a world standard sustainable business that can become a legacy in its own right because every single universal law in existence favours giving as the centre and driver of change, reward, growth and development. Most world changing innovations that have become multi-billion dollar products and services stemmed from wanting to solve a problem, and creating a solution that meets that specific need; that way many lives are touched by that single product or service.”

The event will cater for 150 passionate and budding entrepreneurs. It will be held in Elohim Tabernacle, 10b Ibrahim Odofin street, Idado Estate, Lekki, from 11am to 4pm. Notice for registration will be communicated to the public on social media platforms.
Birthing Purpose is multifaceted initiativecreated to aid people to explore and understand purpose as well attain the skill and know-how to building capacity and be empowered to prosper in the specific area and design for each life.

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