Failure of South West National Legislators

Failure of South West National Legislators

Friday, December 1, 2017 7:10 am

Segun Adedoyin

By Segun Adedoyin

You are an elected representative of the people of the South-West in the Senate or House of Representatives under the banner of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). My verdict is that you have failed your people and lack any justification to seek a return to the Legislative Chambers in 2019.

You sit idly in the chambers while funding to complete the Lagos-Ibadan expressway was denied the Federal Ministry of Works. The road is now a death trap with people dying on a daily basis just like the Oyo-Ogbomoso road. This week , I personally witnessed many lives being lost while travelling on the Oyo- Ogbomoso route.

You sit idly in the Legislative Chambers sipping your fruit juice or water, while funding for the Apapa roads fails to receive any attention. The whole of Lagos is now affected by the lockdown on the Apapa axis while imports get stuck in the midst of this crisis. The economy of Lagos and Ogun is adversely affected by the Apapa lockdown.

You sit idly in the Legislative Chambers, forgetting the manifesto of your party, the APC, to amend the Constitution to allow for State and community Policing. It does not matter to you that the security of lives and property is the number one duty of any responsible government. The death of people from kidnappings, robbery and Fulani herdsmen means nothing to you since you are always surrounded by underfunded federal policemen to serve you and your loved ones.

You sit idly in the cool chambers while civil servants in Osun,Oyo, Ogun ,Ekiti and Ondo States continue to suffer without salaries.I have never heard a word in protest from you in support of these workers who queued in the harsh sun to vote for you.You feel it is just okay to send bags of rice to the distressed workers.You have not acted as check on the excesses and failures of the Rayf Aregbesola, Ibikunle Amosun and Isiaka Ajimobi Governments.

You are a huge disappointment to those of us who are supporters of the APC and Buhari Government. You are now one united body of Legislators feeding fat on the Nigerian populace, lacking in empathy, your heart far from God, poor in vision and having only one common objective- the accumulation of wealth.

We are waiting for you to shout APC again!

Segun Adedoyin is a lawyer based in Lagos.

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