Housing challenge: Prefabricated buildings to the rescue in Nigeria

Housing challenge: Prefabricated buildings to the rescue in Nigeria

Friday, September 15, 2017 12:00 pm

One of the IDP (prefabricated) schools in Borno State, North East Nigeria

Karmod Nigeria, a subsidiary of prefabricated housing solution provider, Karmod, has launched a campaign to solve the housing deficit challenge in Nigeria.

This campaign involves making prefabricated housing a viable alternative to the brick houses which Nigerians are already used to.

According the the General Manager of the company, Mr. Fehim Ozkanca, this move is necessary at this time that Nigeria is just getting out of recession because prefab houses are cheaper to construct, take less time and are more eco-friendly when compared to brick houses.

The company, Karmod, over the last five years has built 100’s of school classroom buildings (see photos) and mass camp houses for internally displaced persons in war ravaged North east Nigeria. It has also built over 114 of police transit camp structures (see photos) in over 7 states for the Nigerian Police Force as well as military camps in several states North east Nigeria. In addition to these laudable projects, Karmod has carried out residential housing projects with steel construction in other countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

Thousands of families live happily in houses that are built by Karmod in many states such as Lagos, Abuja, Borno, Anambra etc.

The company which entered into the Nigerian housing market in 2012 has also handled rapid production and installation of emergency units for important partners such state and federal governments in Nigeria, United Nations, UNICEF as well as a large number of local and international relief organizations operating in the country using its new generation container production technology.

Karmod Nigeria relies on the advanced technological Know-how of its parent company in Europe to produce long-lasting habitats that can safely be used in every corner of the country and under any kind of weather condition.

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