Konyinsola, new Afro Juju queen set to hit Nigerian music scene

Konyinsola, new Afro Juju queen set to hit Nigerian music scene

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 4:21 pm

Konyinsola Oladunjoye

Konyinsola Oladunjoye

Konyinsola Oladunjoye is about hitting Nigerian music scene with her unique brand of music which she calls Afro Juju soul. In this interview, the London – based songbird talks about her background, her works and her vision in the creative world.

You are 23 and born in Lagos. You have finished secondary school education, what next?

You are right. I am 23 years old. I was born October 13, 1992. I hail from Lagos State, south west Nigeria. I am done with secondary school education. I am planning to further my knowledge in a music school in London. I come from a small family, we are two. I have an elder brother.

What inspired you into music?

My love for music started a long time ago when l was a child but it was not serious as it is now. At the age of seven, l noticed that l could sing and mimic songs from different genres. I remember vividly my elder brother jamming Bob Marley, and he played the drums very well as a youngster without tutoring. Whenever he’s on vacation, he was most willing to take over the drums during church services at my mother’s church in London. My dad’s love for music made him to become a DJ at some point in the early 70s and 80s. He had a lot of albums which he listened to then as a young man ranging from James Brown, Jimmy Cliff, Barry White, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and several other notable musicians from the U.S.

Also l had my inspiration for music with my love for literature, poetry and spoken words. I love women of colours and of power that do not flaunt their nakedness unnecessarily to the public; they only offer their talents in music.

Do you play any instrument?

Yes. The acoustic guitar is the instrument I am fascinated with amongst others which l am still learning.

What genre does your music belong?

I come from a background of soul, but then l have always had this idea l could do something like Afro Juju soul. I have my own genre which l call Juju Soul. It sounds funny but you will get to understand as my music surfaces.

Does this have to do with your father’s love for Fela’s music?

Partly yes, as well as my personal interest.

Can we say your music tows the way of Asa

Hmm, yes and no. Asa is already in her own place; l can’t just compare myself to her. You can say I am a more ‘Hip Asa’, the new school Asa so to speak. I will be dancing a lot during my performances and that is something Asa does not really do.

Is your mum also into music?

Yes, she sings quite well and has written several gospel books. My mum is a full-time pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), London. My dad is an ex-banker with bias for sports administration. He has tremendous interest from the way l see it in grassroots sports, sourcing and nurturing of budding talents in Lagos.

What are you working on right now?

My music is coming out soon. I am working on two different tracks right now. The first is called “Now l See’’ and the second is called “Hold You Down’’. They both were influenced by love. When you listen to the songs, you can see clearly where l am coming from. Hold You Down is more … English. It’s not what you call Gbedu, but it basically focuses on how l feel and what is going on inside and what l see around me, and they both talk about love but in different genres.

Why love?

I have an idea about love, real love. I have grown up to watch my family members love one another. I think there is a need to emphasise on love in our society in Nigeria today. Love for husband and wife, love amongst the numerous tribes/religions within the country and other nationalities.

When are you dropping your CD?

It’s coming out very soon maybe in the next few weeks or so.

Any collaboration?

No, there’s no collaboration, it’s just me for now. Maybe in my next set of songs that might be considered.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I’m looking at Blackmagic and Showdemcamp, because they are highly talented and their music makes them special. I’d like to do a ‘collabo’ with Wizkid. I like him for his boldness and for being real. I also would love to work with Nneka and Asa.

Any advice for your admirers out there?

Yes, just be the best you can be in whatever you involve yourself in, positively of course. Love each other as God wishes.

Are you on social media?

Of course, my fans can hook up with me on Facebook: Kanyin Oladunjoye, Instagram: Huni_miel, Twitter: Huni_miEl and Email:[email protected]

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