Almost seamless voting in Abuja councils

Almost seamless voting in Abuja councils

Saturday, April 9, 2016 12:00 pm

Abuja: voters wait to vote

Abuja: voters wait to vote

It is almost a  seamless election in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal capital today unlike the violence-ridden election on 19 March in Nigeria’s Rivers state.

With materials and electoral officials  arriving  on time, accreditation and voting commenced   around 8 a.m.

Mr Frank Eberhurhemu, a Presiding Officer, said that the accreditation and voting were going on smoothly.

“We started as early as 8 a.m. and the process has been going on without any problem; we hope it will be like this all through,’’ he said.

The election has also commenced at Polling Unit 016 in Area 8, as Mr Terry Obaze, the Presiding Officer, said that the accreditation and voting started at 8 a.m.

“We have all our election materials and the exercise is peaceful. Our card readers are also working perfectly,’’ Obazee said.

Abuja: Accrediting voters

Abuja: Accrediting voters

In Kwali local council, vulnerable groups were  given preferential treatment, to exercise their right.

In all the polling centres visited in Kwali Area Council, the aged, pregnant women, nursing mothers and persons with physical disabilities received better treatment in all the accreditation and voting processes.

At Polof Polling Unit, the Presiding Officer, Mr Paul Ogbede said: “We are attending to persons with physical disabilities first.

“’Look at this blind woman, she has done her accreditation and she has voted; she is just waiting for her guide to take her home.’’

Voters check names on the register

Voters check names on the register

At the Primary Health Centre Polling Unit, there as a large turnout of voters who were willing to vote.

The Presiding Officer, Mr Samuel Adebayo, said that the security personnel in the area were not adequate initially, adding, however, that there were no security breaches as voter accreditation and voting had started.

There was early distribution of election materials and personnel in all the polling units visited within AMAC.

At Polling Unit 19, located in the Centre for Arts and Culture, the Presiding Officer, Mr Ola Jokotola, said that everything was in order.

“We came here as early as possible and we are ready to commence the election at 8 a.m,’’ he said.

At Polling Unit 008, located in the National Library, Area 2, voter accreditation and voting also started around 8.17a.m.

CP Adebanjo: pleased with the orderliness

CP Adebanjo: pleased with the orderliness

At Polling Unit 018, Mr Wasiu Kolawole, the Presiding Officer, however, attributed the delay in the commencement of the exercise at the unit to the late arrival of tables and chairs.

In Kuje Area Council, the accreditation and voting also started at 8.50a.m., as voters were seen at various polling centres exercising their franchise in an orderly manner.

Policemen and personnel of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) were on hand to maintain law and order

Mr Folusho Adebanjo, The Commissioner of Police in charge of Saturday’s council elections in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), who went round  commended the peaceful take-off of the exercise, saying it was satisfactory.

Adebanjo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at Polling Units 15 and 16, Area 8, while monitoring the exercise that policemen were stationed early in all polling stations to ensure security of materials, officials and the electorate.

He expressed delight with the conduct of voters and urged those who were afraid to come out “ to come and vote for candidates of their choice’’.

“I have moved round some of the polling units and I can tell you that there is no problem, as accreditation and voting are going smoothly.

“I am encouraging FCT residents to come out and vote as their safety is guaranteed. We are in charge and everything is going on smoothly,’’ he said.

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