Sexual abuse by peacekeepers: Let UN lead by example, says Mulet

Sexual abuse by peacekeepers: Let UN lead by example, says Mulet

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 10:08 pm

UN peacekeepers in Central Africa

UN peacekeepers in Central Africa

The UN must lead by example in confronting Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), support victims and ensure that ‘blue helmets’ remain a beacon of hope for the people they serve.

UN peacekeepers are referred to as ‘BlueHelmets’

The UN Chef de Cabinet, Edmond Mulet, made this known on Tuesday while addressing the 193 Member States of the UN General Assembly on SEA.

Mulet said “the UN is unwavering in its commitment to working in partnership with Member States to ensure that we take care of the victims, and ensure zero impunity.

“We are convinced that only determined collective action will bring results.”

The allegations that have come to light in recent weeks, and over the past year, he said, showed the importance of shared efforts to address the criminal scourge.

He added that “I am sorry to further inform you that we have also received a report from MONUSCO of 11 alleged new acts of sexual exploitation and abuse, all of which involve paternity claims.

“The concerned Troop Contributing Country has been formally notified of the report and asked to take immediate steps to investigate.

“As information becomes available, the UN Secretary-General will consider whether these circumstances should trigger any of the measures called for in Security Council Resolution 2272.”

He added that over several years, the UN General Assembly had approved many measures to help address the issue of sexual exploitation and abuse.

The recent adoption by the Security Council of Resolution 2272, he said, was a further significant step in the collective efforts to prevent and combat sexual exploitation and abuse and the damage it caused.

“The focus of our efforts remain that of seeking to prevent such abuses; to respond quickly and effectively to allegations that come to light; to protect and support victims; and to demand zero impunity.

“The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, outlined a robust programme of action in his latest annual report to the General Assembly on Special Measures on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

“First, our main efforts must be to protect and support victims.”

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