Dele Momodu, Davido and a love child

Dele Momodu, Davido and a love child

Thursday, December 31, 2015 12:53 am

Ovation Magazine Publisher, Dele Momodu and hip hop artiste, Davido were caught in a public spat on Instagram over a love child born to Davido by Momodu’s niece, Sophia.

The story was that Davido was stopped at the Murtala Muhammed Airport on 29 December while he was leaving Nigeria, along with the seven month old love child,  his sister and father, to Dubai on holidays. His passport and that of his sister were impounded by the immigration, on the allegation that he was carrying out the baby without the mother’s consent.

The scheduled trip on Emirates Airline  was aborted.

Momodu made a post of the incident on Instagram and Davido gave a lengthy response, attacking Momodu for masterminding the aborted trip. His response however still shows a lot of respect for Momodu, that he keeps referring to as ‘Uncle Dele Momodu’.

Here is Momodu’s first post that drew Davido’s response:

And Davido explained the history of his relationship with Sophia, how he met the lady he said was older than him by ‘many years’, how she manipulated him and had a baby for him. He said he does not have a plan to marry the lady and that he has been taking care of the baby and mother since the child was born. He said he was just 21 years old when he met Sophia two years ago and now that he has turned 23, he has freed himself from her “diabolical and shameless stranglehold”.
Davido wrote that Sophia, who he said smokes Indian Hemp and likes clubbing, should be helped by Dele Momodu to quit ” the streets and find her a career. I am not her meal ticket or ATM because she has a baby for me”.
You can read more here:davido

In response to the various allegations made against Momodu by Davido, Momodu also made his own lengthy response;

You be the judge.

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  • Oyadefufolly says:

    You don’t seize a child from the mother by fiat. The Adelekes should know better.

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