Dogs Nab A Nigerian As He Jumps Over White House Fence

Dogs Nab A Nigerian As He Jumps Over White House Fence

Thursday, October 23, 2014 2:08 pm

Dominic Adesanya, a 23-year old Nigerian, who jmped over the fence at the White House and attempted to enter the abode of President Barak Obama, has been nabbed by the Secret Service.

It was a replay of what happened recently in the same White House.

Dominic Adesanya

Dominic Adesanya

This occurred just a few weeks after a similar incident prompted the director of the Secret Service to resign.

In a report by DailyMail, Adesanya, who called himself ‘American Slave’ jumped over the fence and went to North Lawn, Obama front yard, last night.

Security sources said Adesanya got about 20 yards past the North Lawn, where he stood, gesturing and lifting his shirt, before being taken down by K-9 guard dogs and subdued by the Secret Service.

On the lawn, Adesanya, according to Daily Mail, reportedly kicked a Secret Service K-9 unit that ran at him before another dog wrestled him to the ground and he was taken into custody.

He was reported to be unarmed at the time of his arrest and was taken to a hospital for an unknown injury. Two dogs from the security detail were also transported to a veterinarian for injuries sustained.

The White House was put on lockdown for a little over an hour but was not evacuated.

Law enforcement sources told News4 President Obama was at the White House at the time.

Adesanya’s father later told ABC 2 that his son had been arrested at the White House before and that he wanted to speak to the president about how people were out to get him.

The father said that the family had tried to get him help.

Adesanya’s last post to Instagram on Tuesday showed an I Voted sticker captioned ‘Voted for this B #ImpeachObama.’

Other photos show him in action for Stevenson University in track and field, or showing off his physique in shirtless selfies.

It was reported that Adesanya also seemed to have an obsession with the Rothschild family, in particular Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, the British-born Swiss financier.

On a LinkedIn page with zero connections, in place of a job title, he describes himself as an ‘American Slave’ and rants about the Rothschild banking family.

“Still waiting for Nathaniel Philip Rothschild and his father; Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild-4th Baron Rothschild to let me go,” his profile states.

The incident comes a time when tensions and security concerns are high.

Just last month, 42-year-old Omar Gonzalez also jumped the fence, entered the White House and got to the East Room before he was arrested.

The security breach prompted scrutiny of the Secret Service, which led to the resignation of director Julia Pierson on 1 october.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said the Secret Service K-9s made all the difference Wednesday.

“As the adage goes, ‘Who let the dogs out?’” Holmes Norton said. “This time, the Secret Service let the dogs out. Had the dogs been out, Gonzalez would never have gotten into the White House.”

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  • Jose Martinez says:

    what has this poor disillusioned person been smoking ?it seems, he is one of these life ” owes me ” something kind of guys.well,now he can spend his days in prison,being feed at our expense.if he is a slave,it is in his head,not in the land of the free.what a loss for every one.

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