New Year’s Wish

New Year’s Wish

Sunday, December 31, 2023 5:35 pm

Johnson Babalola

Johnson Babalola

Johnson Babalola

In a gathering of young minds aged between 10 and 15, each child expressed a unique wish, revealing the diverse perspectives that shape our desires.

A, hailing from a humble background, but blessed with parents who invest time in teaching life’s valuable lessons and fostering academic focus, dreams of wealth. His wish is a testament to the profound impact his parents’ guidance has had on him.

B, born into affluence but deprived of parental attention, yearns for a different reality. Despite the wealth surrounding him, he desires the warmth of poor but attentive parents. His wish underscores the universal craving for genuine connections and emotional fulfillment.

Loneliness casts a shadow over C’s mother, and he selflessly wishes for her to find companionship. In recognizing the importance of human connection, C exemplifies empathy and a desire for his mother’s happiness, irrespective of who becomes her companion.

D, witnessing the unhappy dynamics between his parents, bravely wishes for their separation. His aspiration extends beyond personal relief, as he hopes for their individual happiness and the pursuit of professional help for a healthier future.

E, seeking liberation from strict parental constraints, longs for freedom. Her wish reflects the universal adolescent yearning for independence, unrestricted social interactions, and autonomy in personal choices.

Conversely, F, amidst an abundance of freedom, fears the potential pitfalls. He recognizes the need for parental guidance to navigate the complexities of adolescence, ensuring a secure and fulfilling future.

As we reflect on these varied wishes, let us also take a moment to evaluate our own lives, acknowledging areas of improvement, celebrating successes, and realizing that sometimes, the grass may seem greener elsewhere. May the coming year bring opportunities for growth, understanding, and the fulfillment of our deepest aspirations

_Johnson Babalola is a Canadian immigration lawyer, author, writer, storyteller, and story-based leadership trainer. Follow him on Substack, Medium and IG @jbandthings/@jbdlaw; FB: and

*You can obtain a copy of his newly released book, REJECTED on Amazon, FriesenPress, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books, Nook Store etc.*

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