BBNaija: Why Jackie B and Jaypaul were evicted and others survived

BBNaija: Why Jackie B and Jaypaul were evicted and others survived

Sunday, September 12, 2021 10:01 pm

Jackie B and Jaypaul: Evicted from BBNaija

Jackie B and Jaypaul: Evicted from BBNaija

By Nehru Odeh

Jackie B and Jaypaul have been evicted from the BBNaija House. Their eviction did not come as a surprise because of all the housemates put up for eviction last week, they were the weakest in terms of strength of fan base and content delivery.’

However when Jackie B was asked if she was happy to be out of the house, she said everything that had happened was meant to happen. She also said Whitemoney gave her daddy vibes, But she likes Michael and wants to explore something with him.

The other housemates who survived were: Whitemoney, Queen, Saskay and Saga. While Whitemoney, who is highly favoured to win this year’s edition has a very strong fan base, Queen survived because she must have gained from the symbiotic relationship she had with Whitemoney, as many of his fans thought they were a “ship” and shared Whitemoney’s vote with her. However, she also had a huge fan base due largely to her theatrics, strong personality and drama.

 It would be recalled that Queen said during the outgone week that she was close to Whitemoney not because she was interested in being in a relationship with him but rather because she wanted to get endorsement through him.

 Saskay and Saga, on the other hand, are also strong in their own right. While Saskay has endeared herself to fans with her natural black beauty, Saga is proving to be relevant in the house because of his fitness value.

Why Jackie B and Jaypaul there were evicted

Throughout their stay in the house Jackie B and Jaypaul never made conscious efforts to build their fan bases. Not only were they colourless in the house, they lacked content. Little wonder, they never got support from the fans.

To survive in the house one must give the fans something to cheer about and appreciate. But both of them never did. As the saying goes, nothing comes out of nothing. Survival in the house is about giving the fans something to look forward on a daily basis and getting their support in return.

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