BBnaija: Why Queen clashed with Whitemoney over Jackie B

BBnaija: Why Queen clashed with Whitemoney over Jackie B

Friday, September 10, 2021 4:25 pm

BBNaija's Whitemoney and Queen

BBNaija’s Whitemoney and Queen

By Nehru Odeh

Though many saw it coming, the relationship between Whitemoney and Queen had collapsed like a pack of cards. And there is no love lost between the two housemates who were once an item in the Big Brother Naija house.

Though this may come as a surprise to some, the truth is, the fight between the two housemates who hitherto have been “vibing” with each other, had been brewing for quite some time now.

But hell was let loose this morning when Queen confronted Whitemoney, releasing her pent-up anger and frustrations over what she regards as Whitemoney’s affections for  Jackie B, another female housemate.

According to Queen, Whitemoney had earlier confessed to her that she was sexually attracted to Jackie B, the curvaceous and sexy lady, who was close to Michael before he was evicted.

However, Queen didn’t take that seriously since she felt that Whitemoney was just saying it, as Whitemoney had told her he was still evolving when it comes to relationship with the opposite sex.

Still, Queen became disappointed and enraged when she kept seeing Jackie B and  Whitemoney spending time together. She feels betrayed by Whitemoney over his apparent flirtations with Jackie B.

According to Queen, since Whitemoney was the only housemate she was close to in the house, he wasn’t supposed to show his affections for Jackie B and flirt with her. She also said while Michael was in the house, since she knew all along that he (Michael) and Jackie B were close to each other, she deliberately avoided Michael out of respect for Jackie B, who she also considered her friend, and also in order not to hurt her feelings.

Still, aside from what she considers Whitemoney’s betrayal, she is sorely pained because Whitemoney shared their personal issues with Jaypaul, Jackie B and Emmanuel. “Why should you discuss our issue with Jaypaul, Jackie B and Emmanuel? She said repeatedly.

However, in his defence, Whitemoney said Queen was overreacting because he and Jackie B were not in a relationship, though he had shown interest in Jackie B even when Michael was still in the house.  . According to him, when she noticed Queen’s mood swings, he tried to talk  things with her but Queen snubbed him twice.

However, Whitemoney said the reason he discussed the issue with Jackie B is that she (Jackie B) came to him after she had observed that Queen had been cold to her of late. Whitemoney told her the apparent reason for Queen’s coldness.

Still, Jackie B told Whiemomey that she didn’t want to be dragged into such a messy situation.  JayPaul on his part has denied that Whitemoney discussed the issues he had with Queen with him. So what next?

Though Whitemoney, Queen and Jackie B have sort out their differences, with Queen apologizing to him, the truth is, the relationship between the couple will never be the same again. Jackie B has asked Queen to focus on her relationship with Whitemoney. But is not going to be easy because both couple are already hurt. Where this confrontation will take the couple to remains to be seen.


It is very glaring that Queen, already heartbroken, is no longer interested in being in a relationship with Whitemoney. She made this known in a chat with Cross, who told him that she shouldn’t expect any love from anybody, that self-love is the best love one can ever get. Cross also told him that since Whitemoney had confessed that he was sexually attracted to  Jackie B, the truth is Whitemoney will consider Jackie B first before her.

Now that Whitemoney, Queen and Jackie B are all up for possible eviction come Sunday, what is the implication of this fight? The truth is, the three housemates will be affected. While Whitemoney might survive the eviction because he has a huge fan base and fans who are very passionate about him, the same cannot be said of Queen and Jackie B. In fact, Queen may lose some votes she could get from Whitemoney’s fans.

Still, one cannot write off Queen because aside from the fact that she has a strong personality and is the one that feels betrayed, she might get some sympathy votes from fans. She also has a huge fan base.  As for Jackie B, she is walking a tightrope and her chance of survival is very slim. Still anything could happen come Sunday. Sympathy votes may also swing to her side. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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