Updated: Why soldiers overthrew President Conde of Guinea

Updated: Why soldiers overthrew President Conde of Guinea

Sunday, September 5, 2021 5:05 pm

President Conde, surrounded by soldiers




*Nigeria condemns the coup

Early Sunday morning, soldiers, led by a former French legionnaire, Mamady Doumbouya, took over power in Guinea, a West African country.

Notwithstanding that the country’s Defence Ministry claimed it had put down the coup,  President Alpha Conde was shown, surrounded in a room by army special forces.

Conde’s sin
For the 83-year old President, his sin was term elongation. In other words, he had stoked unrest over his reluctance to leave power after 10 years. He eventually won a third term after tinkering with the Constitution.
Doumbouya , a Colonel , has announced the dissolution of the administration of Conde on National Television.
Meanwhile, Nigeria has condemned the coup. See below the official government statement, signed by Esther Susuwa on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ousted President Conde

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