Bishop Kukah explodes: Nigerian leaders lack empathy!

Bishop Kukah explodes: Nigerian leaders lack empathy!

Thursday, June 3, 2021 9:47 am

Bishop Kukah

*Adds that Nigeria leaders should address the people, saying, “You are on your own. Your security in your hands”

Matthew Hassan Kukah, Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, has again fired verbal Exocets at Nigerian leaders because of the way they have handled insecurity in the land. He waved them off as an insensitive bunch and that the way they have carried on so far, there seems to be no blood flowing in their veins!

Kukah, the Nigerian version of liberation theologian, exploded at Our Lady of Apostles Catholic Church, Independence Way, Kaduna. That was when he delivered his sermon on Wednesday 2 June at the obseque of late Rev Fr. Alphosus Yasshim Bello who was kidnapped and murdered on 21 May by suspected bandits.
In the words of Kukah, “Those who govern us are allowing this killing of citizens in their innocency because they have no blood in their hearts.

“There is no where in the whole world where barbarity and killings of human lives as being manifested in Nigeria of today.
There is no where citizens can be slaughtered in the whole world without the government showing empathy and concern.
“The continuous barbaric slaughter and murder of our people in their innocency suggest that our beautiful Presidential Villa, National Assembly, government houses are not evidence of civilization.
How did Nigeria come to this tragic situation? We know who they are, who they believed in and where their inspiration comes from. The government have never declared the kidnappers to be a terrorists group.
Kukah added:, “Is it possible that you have a country where people have sworn with Qur’an and Bible to uphold the principle of governance, that they will do everything within their power to protect and defend the integrity of Nigerians and suddenly we are where we are today?

“I think the President and governors of Nigeria should address Nigerians and say, ‘fellow Nigerians, I have sworn that I will not protect you from foreign invaders, kidnappers and being killed.
“‘You are on your own. Your security is in your own hands. Keeping you safe is not our immediate priority

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  • David alexander says:

    Bishop Kuka your surmon is wounderful may God contineously give you more wisdom, knowledge, power, and strength to educate our leaders by telling them the absolute whole truth.
    God bless you. Àmen.

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