Video: BBNaija: Real reason Erica and Laycon fought

Video: BBNaija: Real reason Erica and Laycon fought

Sunday, September 6, 2020 12:33 pm

Lycon and Erica

By Nehru Odeh

Erica feasted on Laycon last night, accusing him of lying to Ebuka that he had kissed her twice. Not only did she use swear and untold words on him, she threatened to kill him outside the house. And they both said they were using each other to trend.

However, many are calling for Erica’s disqualification. Will she be disqualified tonight? Your guess is as good as mine.

Fact is, the fight didn’t just start last night. Last night’s encounter was the culmination of a long drawn mind games, battle and drama in the triangle that connects Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon.

All the time Erica had been over heels in love with Kiddwaya, Laycon had been waiting on the wings waiting for Erica to love him back. Laycon never hid his love for Erica. He wanted Erica at whatever cost.

But Erica, whose heart was throbbing for Kiddwaya, the son of a billionaire father, left his love unrequited. She kept saying she didn’t love Laycon in person, that she was mentally attracted to him and physically attracted to Kiddwaya.

But last night Erica threw caution to the winds and said she doesn’t even love his mental energy anymore, saying why should she love a skinny guy like Laycon. According to her, Laycon is a “stupid chicken mop stick.” She also called him a ‘skinny chicken bone’ and fool and wondered aloud why should she love a skinny chicken bone like Laycon

Ugly skinny fool”

“I will make sure he kills himself”
“He will eventually kill himself”
“Laycon looks like a mop stick”
“Stupid chicken drumstick”
“Outside this house I will kill Laycon”

Erica is bitter that Laycon lied to Ebuka that he had kissed her twice. But it is beyond just lying. The issue is  that Laycon who hasn’t hidden his love for Erica has been romanticising that love.

But Erica, the object of that desire wants to own her body, wants to be able to give her body to the one she truly loves. She also wants to maintain her credibility that is fast slipping off her hands.  That is the reason for her outburst. That is why she wants the world to know that Laycon never kissed her.

However, Laycon still want her. And perhaps that explains the reason why he kept his cool all the while Erica was raining abuses on him.

The question is: Did Erica break the house rules. Was her tirade enough to earn her eviction from the house. Many will say no because she didn’t engage in a physical fight with Laycon. However, she is already under the watchful eyes of Biggie, having earned two strikes.

But from the way things are going, Erica, Kiddwaya and Laycon are walking a tight rope, and it looks like  it might  be end of the road for one of the three musketeers tonight.

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