Men, here are what you can do to prevent prostate enlargement- Odesanmi, VAKS Health Clinic boss

Men, here are what you can do to prevent prostate enlargement- Odesanmi, VAKS Health Clinic boss

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 2:41 am

Stella Atinuke Odesanmi

Mrs. Stella Atinuke Odesanmi, owner of VAKS Health Clinic, is a retired Matron (Nursing/Midwifery). She has been practicing in Nigeria since 1988, and has been able to work in several hospitals, with so many medical and gynaecological cases, handled both physically and spiritually. Mrs. Stella who is the wife of a pastor in Redeemed Christian Church of God has put smile on the faces of so many families both home and abroad. Her health institution manages cases like fibroid, ovarian cysts, lump in the breasts or abces in any other part of the body, prostate enlargement without surgery, low sperm count, tubal blockages with hormonal imbalance and others. In this interview, she narrates her life as a nurse, her new calling in the area of alternative medicine, her success rates, prostate enlargement suffered by men and other health related issues.


Many men are suffering from   prostate enlargement. What are the causes?

Prostate in a male is an important organ of reproduction which is responsible for production of seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm. The size is like that of a walnut. We talk of enlargement when the cells of the prostate and its walls are enlarged due to the following: Deliberate delay in emptying the bladder when bladder is full, heredity, ageing. That is people above  50 have the tendency to develop prostate enlargement due to stasis and spasms in the prostate cells.

Others are regular urinary tract infection, which is idiopathic in some people (that is, the cause is unknown).  Also, it could be due to some hormonal reactions in men and changes in the cells of the testicles as men age.


Then what are the symptoms?

hese are lower abdominal (pubic) pain, swelling and redness if visualised. The sufferer could have regular urge to urinate intermittently while small urine is being produced. There could also be low production of seminal fluid during ejaculation in some men.


What are the precautions that men could take?

These are many. Regular and enough water intake can prevent inflammation. Men must ensure adequate and prompt treatment of any form of infection of the reproductive organs. If men engage in exercise, it can reduce inflammations because it increase circulation of blood to all organs.

Also, regular fruit (fresh) intake with fresh vegetables can boost immunity (which prevents inflammation) especially fruits rich in carotene such as carrot and pawpaw.  Also fruits like;  grapefruits, water lemon, fresh tomatoes. Men can eat them either raw or juiced.


Apart from infertility, your clinic treats prostate problems. What is the percentage of success in the treatment?

The success rate of prostate management in our clinic is very high, especially before it becomes cancerous, although some who have been diagnosed to have developed cancerous cells also get healed when we give them natural herbal treatment. That is, with the above listed additional precautions on what to eat and what to do.


At what age should a man start to do check-up for prorate?


Every man should start check-up of their prostate from age 40 above.


Your clinic deals with problems of infertility. What is your advice for young ladies in order for not to have that challenge?


My advice for young ladies in order to prevent infertility is that they should stay away from pre-marital sex that could lead to unwanted pregnancy which often leads some of them into abortion. Unfortunately, this has led a lot to develop uterine perforation, infertility and even total removal of some reproductive organs and untimely death. I also advise them to see a doctor if they discover any infection (pelvic) or growth e.g. fibroid in any of their reproductive organs even before marriage for prompt treatment.

You have addressed what women can do to prevent infertility. What about men?


For our young men, the habit of having sexual intimacy with more than one lady can lead to contracting various diseases and infections that can damage their reproductive organ and lead to low sperm counts or no sperm count at all. Remember, little enjoyment of today, if care is not taken, can lead to everlasting sorrow. So beware.


I said in my previous interview that there are solutions to fibroid, ovarian cyst, lump in breasts without surgery.


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