CAN cries out as gunmen kill Living Faith Pastor, abduct wife in Kaduna

CAN cries out as gunmen kill Living Faith Pastor, abduct wife in Kaduna

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 8:27 am

File photo of typical gunmen in Nigeria

The Kaduna chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Joseph Hayab has decried the increasing rate of kidnappings and killings of clergy men and their relations in the State.

Hayab spoke to ThisDay newspapers against the backdrop of killing of the resident pastor of the Living Faith Church in Romi New Extension, a suburb of Kaduna metropolis, Jeremiah Omolara by yet to be identified gunmen on Sunday.

The gunmen also abducted the wife of the Pastor in the incident which happened along the  Kaduna-Abuja road.

It was learnt that the pastor, his wife and son were traveling to Abuja.

Report indicated that the gunmen shot at their vehicle, killing the pastor on the spot and took the wife to the bush while the son was able to escape.

Sources said the abductors are demanding for a ransom of N50 million.

While confirming the incident, Hayab described the killing of the pastor and the abduction of his wife as sad and devastating.

He noted that last Thursday the parish priest of Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru Local Government Area, was also attacked by gunmen at his resident during which a security guard was killed.

According to him, the parish priest narrowly escaped being killed or being abducted.

“In the same Kaduna LGA, a 13 year old daughter of a Baptist pastor was abducted, as I speak with you now, she is still with the kidnappers and they are demanding for a large sum of money.

”In Kudandan, in one of our churches called friendship international, gunmen broke into the pastor’s house and took him away

”As at Friday, the kidnappers were asking us to pay N4 million or we should not call them again.

”Now the Living Faith Church pastor was abducted along Kaduna-Abuja and was killed while his wife was abducted.

“That tells you that the new trend is to attack us in our homes or in our churches or on the roads.

”We are just not safe anywhere and we asked the same question we have been asking; where are our security agencies?

“Are we being told tactically that we should defend ourselves? If we start defending ourselves, it means that we no longer have security or we no longer have government. Or is this government only for those they love and they don’t care about others?

“We feel strongly that the federal government and the Inspector General of Police should do something about Kaduna, since we have a governor who does not listen and feels he knows everything but sadly, there is nothing to show about what he knows.

”Even after the killing of the security guards of the parish priest, we heard that he called the priest; is it calling the victims that we want or addressing the security challenges.

”If you speak to me as Rev. Hayab when criminals attack me, what help have you done to me? You are not helping to stop the attack.

”So we are really concerned and concerned that people, especially clergies in Kaduna are no longer safe.

“We don’t want a situation where we will be forced to think of how to protect ourselves, we believe that government is there to protect us…”

Credit: ThisDay newspapers

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