News Anaysis: Real Reasons Fayose’s PDP Lost Ekiti Election

News Anaysis: Real Reasons Fayose’s PDP Lost Ekiti Election

Saturday, July 21, 2018 1:35 pm

Fayemi and Fayose

By Asiwaju Oladimeji

Let me first of all state here that my name is Asiwaju Oladimeji, from Usi-Ekiti. I am from Ajana family. I studied at the Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, worked in Ado Ekiti and married in Ado Ekiti. I witnessed Fayose-Oni-Fayemi-Fayose administrations. So, I am rooted here.

Again, I studied Political Science and I have been involved with four elections in Ekiti: 2011, 2014, 2015, 2018 as either The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)’s ad hoc staff or observer. So, I am at a vantage position of analysing voting behaviour/pattern of Ekiti people. Again, because I worked with National Population Commission in Ekiti State and with my vast experience as a field officer, I have traveled round most of the villages and towns across the three senatorial districts.

It is important to draw our attention back to 2014 especially on Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary which produced Fayose then. Yes, it was on record that Prince Dayo Adeyeye stepped down for Fayose. But an insider told me that Fayose never committed himself to supporting Adeyeye in 2018. However, I was informed that Dayo Adeyeye was of the opinion that he would get Fayose’s support in 2018. Moreover, Fayose himself declared that once his tenure was over, he is going away with his Deputy.

Why did Ayo Fayose then change his mind three years after that statement? The choice of Kolapo Olusola Eleka by Fayose was the beginning of PDP defeat on Saturday.

After PDP primary, Eleka emerged via Fayose’s structures. Dayo Adeyeye left for All Progressives Congress (APC). He did not just leave. He left with some bigwigs.

Owoseni (Ise)
Gbosa (Ikere)

Again, because of Fayose’s arrogance and ‘one-man mopol’ style of governance, most of his financiers and supporters who felt aggrieved immediately he became the governor distanced themselves and later left for APC.

Cyril Fasuyi from Ido was another big factor. All of a sudden, emperor Fayose became a god to himself. He shut down every opposition within PDP. He is the alpha and omega. He singlehandedly selected all the HoA members without conceding some to other members. Fayose appoints all the Commissioners, SAs. In fact, there were rumour that he even reduced the number of Eleka’s (Deputy Governor) convoy. Slashed his security vote. Fayose was another Pharaoh.


Fayose turned Ekiti House of Assembly to another laughing stock. How I wish some of you have an idea of those we called Honourables in Ekiti! One is called Paso Osoko. The guy does not even know what is a “bill”. One is Olasca from Ido. That one is Fuji musician.

Attempt to do something similar with Senator Raji Rasaki (Central) and Senator Olujimi (South) was met with stiffed opposition. Because of Fayose’s greed, he lost Olujimi. Senator Olujimi became an outsider even as a PDP member. Most of her followers waited patiently for July 14.

Again, Senator Raji Rasaki could not work with Emperor Fayose. In fact, Senator Raji Rasaki was more of APC than PDP. Though she later decamped officially. Thus, in just 3.5years, Emperor Fayose had lost: Prince Dayo Adeyeye, Senator Olujimi, Senator Raji Rasaki, Barrister Owoseeni (His former attorney).

Cyril Fasuyi

Let me also remind you that Emperor Fayose because of his dictatorial character, singlehandedly selected Deji Ogunsakin as Eleka’s running mate. That decision did not go down well with most PDP members. For example, Tosin Aluko became aggrieved in Ado. I met some of Tosin Aluko’s supporters after that decision. They were angry. They felt rejected. If you go to their base around “Orita Blessing”, you can feel their anger. They will tell you “who is Deji”? For those of you who do not know who is Tosin Aluko? Go to Ado and you will know how popular she is.

Yes, she did not decamp but her body language speaks volume. Her supporters got her message loud and clear. Invariably, Emperor Fayose and PDP went into this election with a depleted and torn umbrella. But because he knows how to mobilize for rally, some of you thought he was that same Fayose of 2014.

Let me quickly state here that the choice of Baba Bisi Egbeyemi as APC Deputy Governor was strategic. Baba is from Ado. Immediately Baba accepted that offer, some important PDP members left for APC straight away. I know of Hon Adeleye Adebayo. Immediately, Emperor Fayose lost Senator Raji Rasaki (Ado), Tosin Aluko (Ado) and the emergence of Baba Egbeyemi as APC DG, some of us knew Ado votes will be keenly contested. The result from Ado vindicated us.

Immediately Emperor Fayose lost Prince Dayo Adeyeye and Barrister Owoseeni, some of us knew Ise/Orun LG will be difficult for PDP to win. Ise Ekiti people simply came out and carried out a protest votes against Fayose for denying their son twice: 2014/2018. Emperor Fayose’s calculation was to use Emure LG votes to negate that of Ise/Orun. Sadly, Adeyeye penetrated that axis and APC narrowly lost with just 100 votes.

Adeyeye was a GAME CHANGER. Now, why did Eleka who hailed from Ikere perform badly even though PDP won in Ikere. After Ado, if I am not wrong, Ikere has the next voting population. Ordinarily, if any candidate wins Ikere/Ado with huge margin, trust me you can win Ekiti election. Hon Gbosa from Ikere followed his godfather (Dayo Adeyeye) to APC. That was the first major problem of Eleka in Ikere. Dont forget, Eleka is not a politician. In fact, he is not even popular in Ikere if not because he was made the DG. Gbosa is another strong grassroots politician in Ikere with the likes of Hon Afuye.

They were ready to spoil the votes in Ikere for APC. But that was not the major factor of Eleka’s poor performance in Ikere. It was the issue of Olukere vs Fayose tussle. Historically, Ikere Ekiti has two kings namely, Ogoga and Olukere. I was informed (not certain) that the Olukere side has more population than Ogoga. Fayose had issues with Olukere and at a point Emperor Fayose locked the king inside prison for 54 days. You locked a whole king up, what a taboo.

That was Eleka’s problem in Ikere. Eleka too during this period was silent. Your king was dehumanized yet you keep quiet! Who does that please? When Olukere was eventually released, some of you need to see how he was welcomed back. You need to see the crowd. Well, the King promised to answer Emperor Fayose at the right time. So, the Olukere and his people waited till July 14 and played their own game. So, APC lost Ado with small margin and even performed excellently in Ikere beyond expectations.

What do you expect, the game was over. Again, another strategic man for APC was Femi Bamisile (BAFEM). In fact, immediately Fayemi won APC primary election, he had to quickly woo BAFEM. The man is just another FAYOSE. BAFEM is from Omuo Ekiti. The rest was history. Then Ido-Osi, my local government. In fact, I can’t remember the last time progressives won Ido Osi LG.

Femi Bamisile

Emperor Fayose lost a key figure there. Cyril Fasuyi. My brother and sister, that was all. Couple with how Fayose betrayed Baba Adeniran (Orin), Ido-Osi was lost for the first time. The bottom line is that Fayose had created more enemies for himself. Enemies who had at one point in time were his foot soldiers across the 16 LGs, enemies who fought for his victory in 2014. He lost all of them becaue of HIS GREED and thirst for POWER. He lost all those structures he worked with four years ago. He pushed them outside the umbrella and the broom family welcomed them.

Is politics not LOCAL?

From Ayo Arise in Oye
Dayo Adeyeye Ise
Cyril Ido

And hosts of others, Fayose became an isolated child. He was fooling himself, thinking he has all the structures across the 16 LGs. He was a FOOL. Let me quickly add this. Emperor Fayose, during the two LG elections in the state, singlehandedly selected all the chairmen and Councilors including all the supervisors.

You dare not challenge his authority. What baffled me most was how Fayose treated all these LG chairmen. In fact, some of them even regretted it. Yes. I am not exaggerating here.
No single LG chairman can spend N500,000 on project. You will have to take it to Oke Ayaba and consult Emperor Fayose. His verdict is final.

See, all these factors got some people angry and they were waiting for July 14 to pay back. Should we talk about how Emperor Fayose lost the Ekiti state civil servants? Those that normally would die for him anytime any day?

In fact, they were patient with him. But at a point, they were tired of his gimmicks and lies on EKTV. Few days to the election, some of them who were his ardent followers started asking questions. Fundamental questions. Questions that Emperor Fayose could not answer. He had run out of lies. The last one was the delay in FAAC. Sadly, workers’ votes had been divided. He could not secure their bloc votes. He wanted to play on the teachers but it was late also.
LG workers: 9 months salaries
Teachers: 7months
EKSU: 3 months
State workers: 6 months

They could not STOMACH the INFRASTRUCTURE again.

After losing his foot soldiers, Emperor Fayose could not again secure the workers’ bloc votes.
Pensioners could not give him their bloc votes. Old citizens who were enjoying N5,000 from JKF four yrs ago which Fayose stopped could not give him their bloc votes. Game over. Emperor Fayose levelled what he called child tax. For every child in private school, a parent will pay between N500 and N1000.

Meat sellers tax was increased. At a point, they went on strike in Ekiti. For one cow, you would pay N1,000. Imagine how many cows they kill everyday. Those tipper lorry association members also went on strike. He increased tax on them. Same thing goes to those selling wood. All these anti-human policies became subject of discussion during the campaign. Running out of idea, Emperor Fayose wanted to employ 2,000 people barely two weeeks to the election.

The application form does not even have a column showing which position you are applying for. Rather the form has column for PVC, Ward, Polling unit etc. What kind of madness is that?

He sent the applicants 1,500 each to come to his rally so as to deceive the likes of Atiku that he has the state locked down.

And many critics fell for it. Sad. A day to election, Emperor Fayose insulted Ekiti workers by crediting their accounts with N3,000 each calling it EKSG stipends. That was an insult. A great one. Folks that you were owing 5-9 month salaries? So, what do you expect on the day of election? You have an emperor who has lost his structures, lost the civil servants, lost the pensioners, lost the old citizens that were getting N5,000 before but can barely eat now.

Pleaswe what do guys expect? Eve to the election, emperor Fayose apart from the N3,000 that were sent to all the civil servants, his foot soldiers started sharing N4,000 to any voter. Moving from one house to another. Collating names and their data. Yet he could not pay salary. APC responded on Saturday by sharing their own N5,000. In some hot spots like Ikere, I learnt it was N5000 to N10,000. So, both parties shared money.

Was that the defining factor? People were hungry. People collected part of their stolen money from both parties. Then, they decided to vote for whoever they wanted. Am I justifying financial inducement during election? No. But don’t let us treat this issue of inducement in isolation. Something led to it. By the time I am back, I will discuss the role of Igbira’s bloc votes in Ekiti and how Yahya Bello’s influence was also strategic.

Ikogosi warm spring resort

At least, since 2003, I know that the Igbiras mostly from Kogi always support Fayose during election. And if there is any place you need to manipulate election in Ekiti, you have to go to those farm settlements populated by Igbiras. So, APC’s job was well cut out. Make sure that Fayose does not have his way this time around in those settlements. Thus the need to bring Yahya Bello from Kogi was not only timely but strategic. Bello ensured that the Igbiras’ bloc votes went to APC. And yes, from what I experienced on the field on Saturday, 14 July 2018, Yahya Bello delivered. Again, emperor Fayose lost out.

Emperor Fayose also lost in Ikogosi and his axis. This is very key for me because it has to do with folks losing their jobs because of Fayose’s inability to understand what governance is all about. Now, Ikogosi is a town in Ekiti state. It is a tourist attraction site where cold/warm water meet. The place had not witnessed any meaningful development until Kayode Fayemi came to power in 2010. It was like a ghost town before the emergence of JKF in 2010.

However, the town witnessed a new life when JKF invested on Ikogosi project. New hotel was built. Actors/Actresses started visiting the place. I even learnt (not sure) that some movies were shot there. Then we had Gossy water. UAC was part of those stakeholders that invested in that Gossy water. You can imagine the economic activities that greeted those towns around Ikogosi. Jobs were created. Even most of their youths who are okada riders started making money. You can imagine the number of visitors that visit Ikogosi during Xmas, Easter or any festive period.

My brothers and sisters, after emperor Fayose took over, that place is now DEAD. I mean DEAD. Gossy water no longer functions. The resort center is nothing to write home about. Instead of visitors trooping in, you now see goats sleeping on the main roads that leads to Ikogosi. Those villagers waited till July 14 and to do the needful!

How would emperor Fayose secure farmers’ votes in Ekiti. The Ministry of Agriculture has just one tractor that is functioning. In his three and half years, Fayose did not empower one single farmer. Yes, you heard me LOUD and CLEAR. All the tractors that were working at the LGs are almost dead. Emperor Fayose has no interest in Agriculture. He prefers the bridge. The conduit pipe for his stolen money. As God liveth, he will cough out our money.
As farmers, we begged him to approach FG for CBN-Anchor. But hell No. Farmers cant get fertilizers at subsidized rate like some other states. Farmers do go to Osun, Kwara, Ondo, Kogi to hire tractors. Please how do you convince them to vote for you? How many of you are aware that Emperor Fayose in his almost four years is yet to renovate up to five schools or hospitals in Ekiti? Some of you need to even visit all the General hospitals across the 16 LGs.

He just doesn’t care. How many of you are aware that some Ekiti people lost their jobs because of how his anti-investors policies pushed Coca-Cola out of Ekiti? Same with GTB. We initially even lost Eco Bank.

Here is my conclusion, PDP did not lose this election on July 14. They did not lose becaue of N5,000 because they also shared N5,000. They lost the moment one ARROGANT, SELFISH, GREEDY and TYRANT made the election about himself.


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    The audaciously obdurate manner with which Fayose boast several times even on National TV is enough for anyone to know he is sure to fall. Even if man knows and is close to God, he MUST remember he isn’t God himself.

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