PHOTOS: ‘Buhari’ protests continue in Abuja

PHOTOS: ‘Buhari’ protests continue in Abuja

Friday, August 11, 2017 3:23 pm


Civil Society and Justice Group in Nigeria led by Prince Goodluck Obi continue their procession organized to counter the call for the ‘return or resign’ protest against the long absence of President Muhammadu Buhari from the country on Friday at the Unity Fountain. Hundreds of youths, chanting “Sai Baba” joined the pro-Buhari procession which entered its day 2 at Unity Fountain, Abuja on Friday. The group, as usual, was aided by the Nigerian Police during the procession.

On the other side, the Concerned Nigerians Group, headed by Charly Boy Oputa and others  have been at the vanguard of the ‘resign or resume protest’ did not spend more than 35 minutes before leaving the Unity Fountain for the Pro Buhari group. The group said it had to leave in order to avoid confrontation. But members registered the day  5 of daily sit – out initiative of Resume or Resign campaign which they have vowed to continue until President Buhari who has been in London for over 90 days for medical treatment returned to the country to continue the business of governance he was elected for or throw in the towel if he cannot continue. See images of the protests of the two groups on Friday below by FEMI IPAYE

Prince Goodluck Obi, leader of Civil Society and Justice Group in Nigeria address the press on why Buhari cannot be forced out of office

Charly Boy leads the Resume or Resign Group

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