Nokia 3310 set for comeback

Nokia 3310 set for comeback

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 3:33 pm

Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310 phone, the first most popular phone in Nigeria one of the most popular and most resilient phones in history is set for a comeback.

The phone, originally released in 2000 was sold to early subscribers to GSM telephony in Nigeria by the then major networks, notably MTN and Econet at about N50,000.

Reputed for its ruggedness, Nokia 3310 was however displaced as the favourite of Nigerians as more fanciful sets hit the market.

The new Nokia, it was gathered, will be sold at 62 USD with a promise of a very long battery life and a nearly indestructible body.

Nokia 3310 will be released at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona later this month is expected to win over nostalgic former owners for use as a second phone, though there have been no further details about how close the new version will be to the original.

3310 is one of the best -selling phones of all time with popular features like Snake II, Pairs II, a clock, calculator and the option to store reminders.

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