Breaking News: Prince Audu Kogi governor-elect

Breaking News: Prince Audu Kogi governor-elect

Sunday, November 22, 2015 2:07 pm

Abubakar Audu: governor elect

Abubakar Audu: governor elect

Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja with Eromosele Ebhomele

With the result of Ibaji local council  declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prince Abubakar Audu, the APC candidate has won the Kogi governorship election, defeating the incumbent Idris Wada of the PDP by over 41,000 votes.

Audu polled 240,867 votes, while Wada got 199,514 votes, over 100,000 short of the 300, ooo votes he won in 2011.

Wada won in Omala, Okene, Ogori Magongo, Mopamuro and Dekina, his home local government. Audu won in 16 local government areas.

The full result is reproduced below as announced by INEC:

Hussaini Halilu Pai, resident electoral commissioner Kogi State and Professor Emmanuel Ujah, INEC returning officer. Photo: Femi Ipaye

Hussaini Halilu Pai, resident electoral commissioner Kogi State and Professor Emmanuel Ujah, INEC returning officer. Photo: Femi Ipaye

Registered Voters: 117132
Accredited: 33703
APC: 14786
PDP: 15968

Registered Voters: 46819
Accredited: 18199
APC: 9958
PDP: 6040

Koton Karfe
Reg Voters: 45,817
Accredited Voters: 21,834
APC: 10,426
PDP: 9,316

Registered Voters: 85127
Accredited: 30993
APC: 15636
PDP: 11902

Registered Voters: 52441
Accredited: 17466
APC: 8581
PDP: 6903

Ogori Mangongo
Reg Voters: 14,387
Accredited Voters: 4,820

Register Voters: 18,348
Accredited Voters: 8,859
APC: 3,888
PDP: 4,195

Voters: 69,114
Accredited Voters: 24,645
APC: 10,170,
LP: 4,272,
PDP: 8,504

Registered Voters: 54266
Accredited Voters: 20953
APC: 9003
PDP: 8683

Registered Voters: 51526
Accredited Voters: 24663
APC: 11815
PDP: 9258

Registered Voters: 114139
Accredited voters: 30746
APC: 13517
PDP: 12414

Registered Voters: 141963
Accredited Voters: 52344
APC: 20994
PDP: 21602

Registered Voters: 66563
Accredited Voters: 24817
APC: 11427
PDP: 10572

Registered Voters: 71756
Accredited Voters: 24429
APC: 13227
PDP: 8202

Registered Voters: 119556
Accredited: 45967
APC: 22982
PDP: 14731

Registered Voters: 76936
Accredited: 32311
APC: 16800
PDP: 10997

Registered Voters: 53510
Accredited: 22545
APC: 9228
PDP: 10517

APC: 9,659
PDP: 7, 768

Registered Voters: 48762
Accredited: 21471
APC: 11779
PDP: 6952

Yagba East
Registered Voters: 35322
Accredited: 13921
APC: 7129
PDP: 5368

Yagba West
Registered voters: 35966
Accredited: 15902
APC: 7930
PDP: 7021

Audu was governor of the state between 1999 and 2003. He contested in 2003 and was defeated by the PDP candidate. He ran again in 2007 and 2011 and was also defeated.

Update: INEC later said the election was inconclusive as the difference in the vote won by Audu and the runner up, Idris Wada, is less than the registered voters in 91 polling units, in 18 LGs  where the results were cancelled.

Professor Emmanuel Kucha , Vice-Chancellor of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi, who served as the returning officer ,  said Audu scored 240,867 while Idris Wada of the Peoples Democratic Party garnered 199,514 votes.

The margin of votes between Messrs Audu and Wada is 41,353. The total registered voters in the 91 polling units is  49,953.

The returning officer said by INEC guideline, no return could be made for the election until supplementary election is held in areas where election was cancelled.

However,  a more tragic incident happened: the death of the APC candidate himself.


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