Benue militia leader surrenders 84 assorted weapons

Benue militia leader surrenders 84 assorted weapons

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 11:27 am

Guns, Guns

Guns, Guns

A militia leader in  the central Nigerian state of Benue has surrendered 84 assorted weapons,  Governor Samuel Ortom has disclosed.

The Governor was giving a report on his arms recovery and  amnesty programme. He said  the programme was on course.

“We have recovered several illegal assorted arms from militia leaders in the state, the biggest being that from Terwase Agwaza otherwise called Ghana, who surrendered 84 different weapons.

“Following the meeting we had with him, I have extended the amnesty programme till the end of September after which I will pursue those who are still harboring arms,’’ he said.

He assured that the amnesty programme would never be mortgaged and arms returnees would be reintegrated into society through training and other vocation designed to make them useful members of society.

Ortom further said the administration succeeded in ending the persistent border skirmishes with other states through dialogue, including the use of other peaceful engagements.

According to him, the efforts are a foundation for a better state.

Ortom, who said he was not averse to criticisms, however, warned that such criticisms should respect the sensibilities of others.

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