Uzodimma to Children: We are dedicated to supporting you in every possible way

Uzodimma to Children: We are dedicated to supporting you in every possible way

Monday, May 27, 2024 8:31 pm

Governor Hope Uzodimma66

Governor Hope Uzodimma66

Governor Hope Uzodimma has assured the Children in Imo State in particular and their counterparts all over the country, that his government is committed to supporting them in every possible way to achieve their fullest potential in life.

Governor Uzodimma has also assured the Children that his government will continue to create an enabling environment that is badly needed by them, as future leaders of the country, to be what they want to be in a positive way.

The Governor’s reassuring comments were part of his good will message to commemorate May 27, a day set aside for  Children globally, and marked with pomp and circumstance in Nigeria.

Taking to his social media platform, Governor Uzodimma counselled that it is important we celebrate our Children, not just on May 27, but every day.

His words: “To our Children, as you celebrate today, remember that your dreams are the building blocks of tomorrow’s successes. We are dedicated to supporting you in every possible way, building an environment where you can achieve your fullest potential.

“Therefore, I extend my heartfelt felicitations to all Imo Children for they are indeed blessings from God and embody the hope for our future. It is imperative that we celebrate them not just today, but every day, acknowledging their potential and nurturing their growth.

“My administration has introduced several policies and programmes designed to shape the future of our children, ensuring they receive quality education, healthcare, and a safe environment to thrive.

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to implementing measures that guarantee their safety and overall well-being. Happy Children’s Day!”


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