President Tinubu, don’t leave Ganduje in the cold

President Tinubu, don’t leave Ganduje in the cold

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 9:46 am

Dr Abdullahi Ganduje

Dr Abdullahi Ganduje

By Seyi Olorunsola

In the intricate web of Nigerian politics, few states hold as much significance as Kano. Its political landscape, often described as a battleground, has seen shifts, alliances, and betrayals that shape the national narrative.

The recent events surrounding the gubernatorial election tribunal contest have sparked intense debate and raised questions about loyalty, leadership, and the future of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kano.

At the center of this storm stands President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whose actions—or lack thereof—have garnered both praise and criticism.

The aftermath of the election tribunal contest between Dr. Nasir Gawuna of the APC and Engr. Abba Yusuf of the NNPP has left many scratching their heads.

President Tinubu’s perceived silence during this critical juncture has led to speculation about his true intentions and loyalty to his party and allies in Kano. The assumption that he sold out to the NNPP for personal political gain with 2027 in view has ignited a firestorm of discontent among APC supporters in the state.

However, it is essential to look beyond mere assumptions and delve into the complexities of Nigerian politics. President Tinubu’s political acumen and strategic thinking have been instrumental in shaping the APC’s rise to power. His vision for a united and prosperous Nigeria has resonated with millions, earning him a dedicated following across the country.

It is this unwavering support that has propelled him to the forefront of Nigerian politics and made him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

This widespread support lends credence to the fact that most of the state governors across party lines now support his emergence for the second term in 2027.

But even the most astute leaders face challenges and criticisms. The recent fallout in Kano highlights the delicate balance between loyalty to party and personal ambition. President Tinubu’s perceived silence on the plight of Dr. Umar Ganduje, the APC National Chairman, has raised eyebrows and sparked concerns about his commitment to his allies.

Ganduje, a staunch supporter of President Tinubu, finds himself embroiled in a battle for his political survival, with powerful vested interests seeking to remove him from his position.
The stakes couldn’t be higher for President Tinubu and the APC in Kano.

The loss of the gubernatorial seat to the NNPP has dealt a significant blow to the party’s fortunes in the state. However, all is not lost. The recent resurgence of the APC, fueled by the tireless efforts of Ganduje and other party stalwarts, signals a potential shift in the political landscape.

The disillusionment with the NNPP’s less-than-stellar performance in office has opened the door for the APC to regain lost ground and emerge victorious in future elections.

But this victory is not guaranteed. The internal divisions within the APC, compounded by external pressures and machinations, threaten to derail the party’s momentum and undermine its unity. President Tinubu’s intervention is urgently needed to bridge the rifts and rally support behind Ganduje and the APC leadership in Kano.

His silence sends a worrying signal to supporters and adversaries alike, fueling speculation and uncertainty about his intentions.

It is time for President Tinubu to reaffirm his commitment to his allies and the APC in Kano. By standing firmly behind Ganduje and the party leadership, he can send a powerful message of unity and strength to friend and foe alike.

The Progressive Governors Forum, governors elected under the APC, must also lend their support and voice to the cause, demonstrating solidarity and resolve in the face of adversity.

It is pertinent to ask for the records, President Tinubu, what really is attractive about the NNPP in Kano that would inspire or motivate him to look the other way when matters of his own party is concerned in that state especially with the obvious misdemeanor of the NNPP.

This party’s national body has in recent times suspended the Governor, Engr. Abba Yusuf and that is an indication of division in its ranks.

With the overwhelming support of almost all the other Governors (including those in the opposition PDP and LP) for the aspirations of the President in 2027, it is amazing what could be special about NNPP in Kano that would make the President have this kind of soft spot for them to the detriment of his own party the APC.

In conclusion, the future of the APC in Kano hangs in the balance. President Tinubu’s leadership and decisive action are needed now more than ever to steer the party through these turbulent waters.

By standing with Ganduje and the APC leadership, he can reaffirm his commitment to the ideals of unity, progress, and prosperity for all Nigerians. Let us not leave Ganduje in the cold, but instead, stand together as one party, one nation, united in our pursuit of a better future for all.

Olorunsola,. APC chieftain, writes from Kano

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