Sierra Leone update: Information Minister confirms there was attempted coup, massive arrests ongoing

Sierra Leone update: Information Minister confirms there was attempted coup, massive arrests ongoing

Tuesday, November 28, 2023 4:01 pm

Chernor Bah

Chernor Bah

Abubakar Hashim

There is an ongoing massive intensive strides toward apprehending hidden assailants behind the November 26 state insurgency action which has now been confirmed as an attempted coup to overthrow a democratically elected government. Minister of Information, Chernor Bah revealed at today’s press briefing.

Today, at Murray Town, not far from the ordinance unit of the military barracks, there was gun fire, resulting from arrest of a staff sergeant in the army suspected to be an assailant. He resisted, but was eventually overpowered and arrested.

There is an apparent division in the security sectors, particularly in the army and police. A source in the army revealed that it was only the Presidential Guards that provided reinforcements to quell the insurgency in the early hours of November 26.

There are lots of arms and ammunition out and the public should avoid crowds or public gatherings, the source further advices.

A former bodyguard to ex president Koroma, popularly called “Leader-booth”, who was part of the assailants, was killed in the process of his arrest.

The sad incidence on Sunday, November 26, was similar to the one of August 10, 2022,l. The only difference is the involvement of the military in last Sunday’s episode.

The operation to apprehend the assailants continues, revealed the Minister of Information, Chernor Bah, further stating that “…. the ultimate mission was to overrun the state and take over the government “.

The Minister confirmed 13 military officers had so been arrested, with one civilian.

The Murray Town Ordinance unit, where most of the country’s arms and ammunition are located, were the assailants’ prime target.

The Minister has now confirmed it was a failed coup as details of investigations are emerging

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