Go Ahead And Face It, Emefiele!

Go Ahead And Face It, Emefiele!

Sunday, June 11, 2023 5:38 am

Emefiele arrested


By Odolaye Aremu

The trending video of a supposed gaunt-looking Emefiele, resplendent in bespoke upandan guinea-brocade kaftan, the Hausa bucket hat and a freakingly nice Italian-made brownish leather slippers, is seemingly enough for most Nigerians hoping to hold someone from the past government accountable for the myriad of woes presently fornicating with the Nigerian State.



That video best illustrates the plight of a man who has indeed, and suddenly fallen hard from grace to grass. The quiet drama of him stepping out of an American-made pickup into a waiting jet, surrounded by law enforcement officers, with one dangling a pair of handcuffs is a scene from the first page of the Nigerian Police Academy handbook, titled: How to humble a VIP perp.

Except that he looked more like a tycoon traveling abroad on one of them medical tourism adventures.

Emefiele arrested

But Emefiele ought have known this was bound to happen. For him to have acted clueless to his life after Buhari is unbelievably stupid. After all, Nigerian politics oftentimes is predicated on Scapegoatism and or playing to the gallery. He ought to have known that he was bound to be the ultimate replacement for Diezani. That’s how it is. And that’s how it shall forever be, till kingdom come.

Godwin Emefiele

However, in fairness to the man walking about with a reflective mirror on his forehead, his past audaciousness must have had some kind of backing from the government he once served and thrived in, or what do you all think about that? Or why am I getting this weird feeling that the man acted as if he was the Lord unto himself and himself all alone? Someone appointed him. Someone signed off on his deeds.

My question in it all is this:

How is it possible to memorialize the dog without a mention of the pot in which the dog ultimately became parts of the delicious soup? Why is the puddle distancing itself as if it is not closely related to the pond?

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