Outrage as American pastor labels Beyonce a ‘witch’ 

Outrage as American pastor labels Beyonce a ‘witch’ 

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 4:41 pm

Tiphani Montgomery and Beyonce


               By Nehru Odeh

Self-proclaimed ‘prophetess’ Tiphani Montgomery has sparked outrage after labelling record-breaking Grammy award winner Beyonce a witch and taking aim at her fans, shaming any of them who plans to attend her concert.

According to the Daily Mail, the American pastor and founder of The Covered By God ministry, attacked Beyonce in a video she shared on TikTok and YouTube on 12 February.

“Any of you who are going to Beyoncé’s concert I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, how dare you call yourself a Christian.

I don’t care what pastor you got who’s OK with it, I don’t care what pastor you got that think it’s cool, I don’t care what pastor you got that sing along to the songs because they want some clout,” she said.

Montgomery, an itinerant preacher who hails from North Carolina, then goes on to suggest that Beyoncé is ‘a witch’ and fans of the singer are part of a ‘coven.’

“When a witch has a coven it’s normally a small thing. Witch’s covens are normally three to seven people,’ the pastor added.

“When it becomes thousands it’s called a hive. Y’all a part of that lady Beyhive? And you call yourself a Christian? May the dealings of the Lord come upon you,” Montgomery maintained.

The video, which has had 50,000 views on both platforms combined, has sparked mixed reactions.

“I love the Lord with ALL my soul and I will bless His name at all times but this is a form of manipulation in the same way that she’s suggesting that Beyoncé is using her platform,” one Instagram user said.

Another person added: “As a Christian I’m not sure why judging others is such a thing smh (not everyone does it but….) We can guide others without being judgmental and commanding towards controlling people.

“Last time I check only God can judge. I wish we would simply guide and remind people of the love of God rather than bringing others down and speaking negative on people to remind them of God.”

Former Destiny’s Child member and Beyoncé’s friend Michelle Williams also made an Instagram reel addressing the video, saying: “It also looks like I am entering the chat.

“I am just watching a lot going on, things that are being said, specifically about entertainers, specifically about entertainers that I even have relationships with, entertainers that I know off the stage.

“I just wish we would pray as publicly for entertainers as we rebuke them and damn their soul to hell.

“I know it ain’t my calling mission to damn entertainers to hell and to say that they would drop dead. The devil is a lie,” Michelle said.

Michelle, who has often spoken out about her Christian faith, released a number of Gospel albums after leaving the R&B-pop group.

However, one supporter, Raven Hartwell, said she agreed with “everything [Montgomery] was saying, absolutely.”

She added there were ‘so many people mad right now, upset, and sticking up for Beyoncé and completely missing the message.’

Montgomery’s critics have also labeled her a ‘hypocrite’ after unearthing old tweets where she declared herself a fan of Beyoncé, and even said she attended the singer’s shows.

“Am I the only one addicted to Beyonce’s song: Why don’t u love me??? #nowplaying it again smh,’ she tweeted in 2010.

“Got a chance to catch the Jay Z and Beyonce concert and it was AMAZING!!!’ Montgomery added in another tweet from 2014.

The pastor, however, has come out to defend herself, addressing the resurfaced tweets on 13 February:

“I publicly came against and denounced their god baalyonce (sic) so they found these tweets from 2010, 2011, 2014.

“But I had just did a YouTube the night before saying I was the BIGGEST jay z and baalyonce (sic) fan… until I got saved in my shower in August 2015.”

She added in another tweet: “What’s my point? My point is anytime you’re a mouth piece for God they will try to discredit you. But I’m more afraid of The Living God than I am dead skeletons!”

Critics also took aim at her previously published adult books, including The Millionaire Mistress series, with Montgomery responding: ‘I stopped writing those six years before I got saved.”

“I will not listen to her sermons. Tiphani Montgomery is fake, living two lives, using the church for attention & money yet writing sleazy sultry sex books for money too. & before you say this is old it’s not, these books are from 2020,’ one person said.

To this point, Tiphani responded: “I stopped writing those books SIX YEARS BEFOREEEEEEE I got saved.

“I also have never received money from those books since 2010 bc I sold the rights to them away. I also can’t get them taken off of Amazon bc I don’t own them. I know bc I’ve been trying for years now.’

Montgomery describes herself as an ‘unlikely entrepreneur’ who was a teen mom and a college dropout

According to her website, she is the CEO of Millions Conference and founded Kingdom Entrepreneur University, ‘a high level online educational platform that has trained 3,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide.’

She started Covered By God, ‘a prophetic and teaching ministry designed to wake up and stir the church with an awakening of the Holy Spirit and build up God’s prophets and prophetic voices to impact the nations.’

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