BBTitans: How Sandra shot herself in the foot

BBTitans: How Sandra shot herself in the foot

Sunday, January 29, 2023 4:33 pm

Sandra Essien

By Nehru Odeh
She was born Sandra Essien. But the 27-year model, entrepreneur and former beauty queen, who hails from Akwa Ibom State is simply known as Sandra in the BBTitans House.
Yet the simplicity of her name masks the complexity that she has become. Underneath that simplicity is the complexity that has made many to be at a loss as to who she is.
And the questions everyone keeps asking are: who is this model that has everything it takes to win the show -intelligence, beauty and body – but has flunked her chance? Who is this model that everyone loves to hate?
Who is this bad girl that has some goodness in her? Who is this bad girl of the BBTitan house who calls herself a bad bitch? So many questions yet few answers.
Yet she was once quoted as saying she sees nothing wrong with going nude, which many fans of BBTitans love and look forward to.
This is a lady who has all the vibes and content to endear herself to her fans but has used them wrongly. This is a lady whose self-confidence exudes a Janus-faced warmth and arrogance at the same time. This is a lady whose warmth triggers the opposite coldness from others. Yet she’s not done yet
Sandra and her partner Theo Traw face possible eviction on Sunday 29 January.  Sandra herself knew that her partner had already given up hope, as she told Biggie that Theo had already parked his bags long before voting started.
Though she has a very strong and active management team, it seems there is little it can do to salvage the damage the former beauty queen has done to herself.
The truth is, Sandra may be evicted come Sunday night. Still, this is deja vu.  Sandra’s fate reminds one of Beauty Tukura of Big Brother Naija fame, who had everything it takes to win the game but flunked it due to her lack of character and self-control.
There are many reasons Sandra may be asked to leave the house. Many fans are not happy with Sandra and they want her out of the show.  They see her as not only arrogant but also troublesome, a trait on which Sandra herself prides herself. “I love shaking tables,” she once said.
Aside from the fans, many of her fellow housemates also want her out of the house, not just because of what they regard as her attitudinal problem but also because they see her as a threat, one who will give them a run for their money, what with her vibrant spirit, the content and vibes she has brought to the house and the confidence she exudes.
Though it seems Sandra later became sober, made some amends and turned a new leaf, the fans had already made up their minds. Though she later displayed some very enviable qualities, she had already shot herself in the foot.
Her quarrel with Olivia, which has gone down in history as the first clash in the BBTitans House did not help matters.
And also the way and manner she managed her pairing with Theo, which in the first place led to her clash and shouting match with Olivia, also didn’t help matters.
Sandra never hid her disappointment at being paired with Theo. But rather than manage that pairing and make the best out of it, it turned out to be her undoing.
That she never liked being paired with Theo was confirmed when she told Biggie in her first Diary Session after the pairing that she doesn’t like Theo because he lacks drive and ginger, adding that Theo needs others to encourage him, which according to her is a tough task since she needs to be encouraged.
“I am tired of encouraging someone when I am still trying to encourage myself,” adding that Theo knew that they were going to be evicted on Sunday. She said she would rather love to be paired with the likes of Kananga Jr, Mmeli, Juicy Jay, Miracle OP and Thanbang.
Sandra ‘showed herself’ too early in the game and that is the major reason she will be evicted come Sunday night.
Still, no matter what happens to Sandra, her eviction is going to be a sad loss to the BBTItans Season One, because of the content and vibes she would have brought to the house had she stayed a little further.
Sandra and Theo of course know they are primed for eviction tonight, and there is nothing they or anybody can do to save them from eviction. Still, if Sandra can draw back the hands of time, she will do it. But she can’t and that’s the hard truth.
Still, there is a clause. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to eviction in Big Brother’s house. Anything could happen. What counts is the positivity, not the negativity. The fans do not go all out to evict housemates. Rather it is their refusal to vote and save a housemate put up for eviction that matters.
While all hope is not yet lost for Sandra, she can only be saved and therefore not evicted if her fans and management team rise to the occasion and Garner votes for her. But did they do that before voting ended on Thursday night? Did they save her from eviction?
The fact remains that Sandra has already packed her bags in preparation to leave on Sunday night if she is eventually evicted. But the question is: Will she be evicted? Your guess is as good as mine.

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