Sammy Okposo Sleeps Eternally

Sammy Okposo Sleeps Eternally

Monday, November 28, 2022 9:54 am

Sam Okpozo

By Ena Ofugara

“”Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:10.

And yet, we make the yoke hard to bear, once we wear the badge of “christian” or “minister” or “pastor”.

All of God’s servants were flawed vessels. Abraham was a liar. Moses had a temper. David a murderer and philanderer, as was Solomon. Even Jesus handpicked a doubter in Thomas, denier in Peter, and traitor in Judas. And yet we expect anyone that says he loves the Lord, to live a perfect life.

Sammy Okposo was not perfect, but he wanted to be. I knew him personally in my days with Alec and Kefee. I was there when he was suspended by his church and Sammy was seated at the back of the church, and served his punishment for sins of the flesh.

“The flesh is weak” Matthew 26:40. Jesus acknowledges this, but man is a hypocrite. You can date but the woman cannot be pregnant or else the church will not wed them. (But she can have a coded abortion).

Sammy was flawed

But he was talented. He could sing the roof off a building.

His work in Nollywood’s growth will be the most understated part of his body of work.

And that WELLU WELLU, as controversial as it is, that Sammy stole DC Envoy’s song, I Ena, as a close person to Gordons Berlusconi, I can say the truth and say SAMMY TOOK A HOT CHORUS AND MADE IT INTO A HOT SONG.

“Jesus I thank you Wellu wellu, you do well for me wellu”

The verses were by Sammy. The hit production, a major part of music, was also Sammy’s as DC Envoy were an acapella group. And so, while we hate that Sammie did not give DC Envoy their credit and also take permission, we also realize that only Sammie could have taken that song and given it to the Universe, as he did. And that song made even DC Envoys more famous, as they too benefitted from the controversy, especialy Gordons.

Sammy may have borne a cross too heavy, heavy because society sat atop it as he carried it.

Women who know you are a gospel singer, and know society’s expectation of these “men of God” who are but men still, will secretly have sex with a man, and then come out to reveal what they did in secret.

Satanic women

Why did not you say NO? Why not remind the man of his “commission?” Why come to the press to reveal your sex life? Is that how these women revealed their uncles and cousins and poor failed men that had sex with them? Oh, because these men of God are cynosures and these women seek fame, or simply just doing Satan’s work

Bring out a list of all the men you slept with, and not just the popular men, or men of God.

Nonsense and ingredients.

For Sammy, he allowed the stress to get to him. He was too well-behaved to say “Na me first furrrrk? David no furrrrk? I even better pass David wey God love, wey sleep with person wife and kill the husband

Instead, he talked rubbish about “restoration” and nonsense.

All restoration and redemption has been done by Christ

It is Satan that is called THE ACCUSER. God does not accuse nor judge us harshly, nor ask for “full restoration”. What “full restoration” did Peter do after denying Christ??

Sammy Okposo’s race is run. He will be missed.

May God’s Golden Gates be open to him and his mansion in heaven be prepared.

And may Sammy say to Jesus, as he is led into his heavenly abode “Jesus I thank you wellu wellu, you do well for me wellu wellu. I go praise your name. I go praise your name.

Goodnight Oniovo.

*Ena Ofugara writes from Texas

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