Why I use a pen name for my literary works – Prof. Kyuka

Why I use a pen name for my literary works – Prof. Kyuka

Thursday, March 3, 2022 3:51 pm

Professor Adamu Kyuka Usman aka Kyuka Lilymjok,

Professor Adamu Kyuka Usman aka Kyuka Lilymjok,

Richard Elesho

A Professor of Law and versatile author, Prof Adamu Kyuka Usman has explained why he uses a pen name for his literary works.

He said his choice of a Pen name Kyuka Lilymjok, essentially connects him with his roots as an Atyap person.

Contrary to widespread opinion that people use Pen names for protection and to prevent being recognised in public, Kyuka emphasized that he did not resolve on a Pen name out of fear, but the need to assert the intrinsic values of his background.

Kyuka, who has authored more than 40 books, in 30 years, made the clarifications at a chance encounter with The News. Aside his several scholarly articles and law books, Kyuka is the author of dozens of novels on diverse themes and a biography.

“Frankly speaking, the reason I picked a Pen name is to connect myself to my genie.” Noting that there is an uncanny way this thing works, he drew example from Fela, the late Afrobeat king, who preferred Anikulapo Kuti to Ransome Kuti.

“I am an Atyap person, the so called Kataf. I know nothing great can come out of a counterfeit. You must assert who you are, the essential you. No matter how far you may go, people should be able to track you and your works to your roots. I simply want to be me, an Atyap or Kataf person. To tap fully from my genie I have to connect to my roots. I am essentially, intrinsically, and authentically Atyap. Outside influences shouldn’t change who you are.

“The fear of what people think about me is very far from my mind. When it comes to writing, I am a very courageous person. If I can write a letter to the devil, you should know fear has no place in my life.

Kyuka who wrote his first novel, Hope in anarchy’ in his twenties as a youth corp member, said the pursuit of truth and Justice are central to his academic and writing careers. He added that his passion for writing evolves from a desire for better human society where fairness and equity reign.

Among the works of the Ahmadu Bello University teacher are ‘My Headmaster,’ ‘The Lord Mammon, ‘The Death of Eternity’, ‘Sieged’ and ‘The village Tradesman’ Many of his books are part of recommended texts at secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria and abroad. An enlarged edition of ‘Muhammadu Buhari: The Spirit of a Man,’ a two-decade-old biography of President Buhari is set for release.

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