My Lagos to Ibadan by Train Experience

My Lagos to Ibadan by Train Experience

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 9:18 am

Professor Lai Olurode

Nigerian Elites with their unpatriotism and self-centredness coupled with their greed remain the bane of our development struggles.
They make cheap comparison with Europe and North America but in the main, they remain rapacious and corrupt and unwilling to make the required sacrifice.
Certainly, there are things to improve upon as we make progress and efforts in joining the rest of the civilised World in establishing competitive Transport modes other than Roads.
We must quickly attend to those challenges which should certainly fizzle out as the services become more efficient and effective and more Nigerians travel by Rail …
Riding on train to Ibadan was for me not only exciting but I feel proud as a Nigerian.
This is because, we are often times cynical and display persistent skepticism in our attitudes towards Government.
It beats my imagination that a Nigerian Government faced with unprecedented security challenges could initiate a project as huge as a Four Gauge Rail system and complete it in its life calls for jubilation and commendation.
As we travel from Lagos to Ibadan, we noticed massive construction along the way as we observe nature in its best form free of charge.
It was a wonderful sight seeing.
As Nigerians, let’s believe in our own goodness.
-Professor Lai Olurode. Faculty of Social Science. University of Lagos

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