Message to Nnamdi Kanu and my Igbo brothers

Message to Nnamdi Kanu and my Igbo brothers

Thursday, June 3, 2021 6:49 am



L-R: Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Kanu and Nnamdi Azikiwe

By Bola Adewara

The Igbo intelligentsia should caution Nnamdi Kanu and some of their boys online to desist from abusing and seeing the Yoruba as Igbo’s enemy. We have matured beyond that Awolowo and Azikiwe type of politics.

The Igbo has one enemy; Middle Belt, one enemy; Yoruba, one enemy; South South, one enemy. The Hausa even lost everything, their culture, chieftaincies, indigenous religion, traditional rulership, etc to this same rampaging enemy such they have been totally consumed and have no existing self-identity! And you all have seen how the enemy came out boldly to attack every section of the nation to confirm that he is an enemy.

This enemy is not the only Muslim in Nigeria. We have Muslims in South West, Igbo Muslims, Muslims in South South and a lot of them in the Middle Belt, yet they live in peace with others. These are great examples of Muslims who preach and live to show that Islam is peace. There has never been a religious war in Yoruba land, or East or South, even in the Middle Belt … except in the North where this same enemy takes political leadership!

How come their own kind of Islam is war, exploitation, stealing, kidnapping, love of money, killing innocent people, taking other people’s land, destroying people’s farms? How come their Islam sucks blood? How come their Islam places the life of animals above that of man? How come their Islam will not permit a Yoruba or Igbo muslims to lead prayers? The world is going to the moon, they are still running after cattles in the bush, in a 21st Century world! You and I know the enemy!

Therefore, Igbo and Yoruba should stop this nonsense. Nnamdi Kanu should be cautioned to stop seeing Yoruba as Igbo’s enemy. It is high time we joined hands to save the Middle Belt from the menace of this enemy. It is better for us to join hands rather than dissipate energy.

My Igbo brothers… and sisters, over to you!

-Bola Adewara is the publisher of E-life magazine

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