Nigeria in a state of total siege, war – Cdre. Daniel

Nigeria in a state of total siege, war – Cdre. Daniel

Monday, May 3, 2021 5:26 pm

Cdre. Folusho Daniel: Says Nigeria is in a state of total war

Cdre. Folusho Daniel: Says Nigeria is in a state of total war

Richard Elesho/ Lokoja

A retired General and former member of Kogi State House of Assembly, Cmdr Folusho Daniel has painted a miserable picture of the security situation in Nigeria noting that only divine intervention can save the country from imminent collapse.

He made the observations in a social media post on a community platform, Amuro Unity Group on Monday morning.

“Our complete destruction is very certain and a matter of time except there is a divine intervention. The question of our total and complete annihilation is no more of whether or not? but that of how soon? How long can we remain in this sinking ship and who is next to fall overboard?

Daniel went poetic drawing generously from the lines of the late Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe. “We have since been turning and turning in the widening gyre Our falcons are no longer hearing the falconers Things have fallen apart and the centre can hold no more Complete anarchy is losed upon a country called Nigeria.”

“Nigeria is today in a state of total siege and war. We are now daily mowed, cowed and defeated. Not by external forces but by enemies within. Drums of war and insecurity are anywhere and everywhere in the land. Hopelessness, haplessness and despair stare us naked in the face.

“There is so much blood in the land. People die in their hundreds on daily basis as if there is no government in the land whose first priority is the security of the people. The blood of Nigerians are now valued much lower than that of goats or even chicken. People are slaughtered on the streets, in churches, mosques and even right inside their homes. The orgies and ease of killings are too much.

Continuing, he penned, “We are now hopelessly face to face with death at noon day. We are now all in the condemned cell waiting for the hangman. Our only offense is that we are Nigerians living in Nigeria’s territory. The roll call is on. The question is who is next?

“God, unto thy hands do we now commit our souls and spirit. We are as helpless and as hopeless too. In your infinite mercies, let this cup pass over us. And if not, then unto Thy hands do we commit our souls and spirit. To those who have been recklessly murdered and slaughtered like chicken for the cause of Nigeria, we say rest on in the bosom of your Maker.

The News reports that there has been heightened insecurity across the country of late.

Aside a more that a decade amorphous war against Boko Haram insurgents in the Northeast, banditry, kidnappings, herders versus farmers clashes and secessionist agitations have been tasking security agencies in other parts of the country.

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