Popular Nigerian comedienne Ada Jesus dies, her battle with Prophet Odumeje

Popular Nigerian comedienne Ada Jesus dies, her battle with Prophet Odumeje

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 2:55 pm

Ada Jesus: dies after a year-long battle with Kidney disease.

Ada Jesus: dies after a year-long battle with Kidney disease.

By Nehru Odeh

Popular Nigerian comedienne, singer and actress, Ada Jesus has died after a year-long battle with Kidney disease. Ada, whose real name was Mercy Mmesoma Obi, died two days after she celebrated her birthday in an Abuja-based hospital. She was aged 23.

However, before then there were reports that her health was improving. She was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest on Tuesday night.

Harrison Gwamnishu, who led group of Nigerians that rallied around Ada Jesus and took her to hospital, confirmed her death this afternoon to the BBC tersely: “She is gone,” he said.

It would be recalled that Ada Jesus had had a running battle with popular Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere Odumeje whom she accused of conniving with actress Rita Edochie and others to fake miracles.

Months later she became ill with kidney disease that left her paralysed and confined to a wheel chair. When her health deteriorated, it was said that her ailment was as a result of the accusation against the prophet. And Ada Jesus family took her to Odumeje’s church to beg for forgiveness

The prophet, however, vowed not to forgive her until she provides evidence to back her claims. “You people must bring to me the people that I do fake miracle with if not when I’m done with her I’ll start with your generation,” Odumeje said in a video that went viral, adding that nobody speaks against him and goes scot-free.

Rita Edochie also said the comedienne will not recover from the ailment. The actress later made a U-turn and forgave Ada Jesus after she said she had received calls and messages from people. “I am here to tell you all that I have forgiven Ada Jesus. From my heart to heart, I have forgiven you Ada Jesus,” she said in the almost three minute video.

Odumeje also later forgave the comedienne who used to be his supporter before they went their separate ways.

Speaking in his church, he told Ada Jesus’ family that he had forgiven her. He then gave them one million Naira for her treatment.

However, this came after Ada Jesus’ health started improving, as a philanthropist, Marksman Chinedu, had sent her to a good hospital and was paying for her dialysis.

Born Mercy Mmesoma Obi on 19 April 1998, Ada Jesus hailed from Orlu, in Imo State. She was a graduate from Imo State University. Prior to becoming a comedienne, she worked as a housekeeper for a retired pilot and was initially a stand-up comedienne, performing at events and shows before she started posting skits on Instagram and Facebook, where she rose to prominence.




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