Loud Whispers: Calm Down

Loud Whispers: Calm Down

Saturday, August 1, 2020 10:06 am

Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi


By  Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi


From the mouth of a naughty little boy with the most admirable persuasive skills

From a beloved child whose mother is teaching a valuable lesson in consequences


From one who we all recognise in every innocent little face around us


Two simple words of the most profound wisdom


Calm Down


Yes, Mummy is fed up and angry


She has told him not to do it, whatever it is, over and over


Like most children his age


Words are meant for entry into the left ear and exit from the right


So Mummy decides to drive home her message with some permanence


Somewhere in the center of his brain before it finds the door out again


The game is up. Mummy is mad as hell, no surprise there, all mothers can relate


A child who has no fear of authority becomes an adult who is fearless in all the wrong ways


Something those struggling to parent in this day and age have to contend with


‘Old School’ Mummy is not about to be found wanting


Poor boy was afraid of getting the beating of his little life


I got mine when I was nine years old


Back in the day, there were no threats of being beaten


There was no room for negotiation


You just got a sound beating


With no notice, no theatrics, no videos, no opportunity to plead your case


If you were asked what you did wrong, you got beaten if you knew why


If you did not know what you did wrong, your beating was doubled


If you cried you got beaten, if you didn’t it was tripled


This is 2020, so the little chap was able to change the narrative with two words


Calm Down


We are all angry over one thing or the other


There is something that ails us, bothers us, makes us cry or keeps us awake at night


Now from the mouth of a terrified little boy we can see our way through


Calm down


Tomorrow will be better


For the hard of hearing who need to hear, here is an opportunity


Calm down


When you do, you will hear the rumblings of the bellies of the hungry


You will hear the groans of the sick who have no means of a cure


You will hear the painful cries of the unclad women wailing for justice


You might even hear the whimpers of the millions of children wandering the streets with no hope


Calm down


Two words that should flash like neon lights


For those living life on the fast lane on real and imaginary superhighways


My mansion is bigger than yours


My bag is more expensive than yours


My wedding cost more than hers


My wristwatch can buy a house


My car says I am not your mate


My jewelry is real not fake


Calm Down


Did you hear? What did he say? Say that again, You don’t mean it! Really? Where? When? How?


Calm down


Mind your own business


For those who are not content with their blessings


And are blind to the full cup so heavy it has to be held with both hands


Yet ignore words of restraint to chase after promises of a bigger cup


And now find themselves bereft of both cup and contents


Calm Down


Little Master ‘Calm Down’ also has a demonstration of ‘Calm Down’.


He lies down to show Mummy how she should ‘Calm Down’


Let us follow his example


We can Calm Down by lying down


We can Calm Down by laying down


We can hold our anger and sharp tongues


We can still our fingers from typing mischief


We can have a humble spirit that leads us to the realisation that it is not always about us


We can stop bearing false witness


We can desist from false prophecies and ignore false prophets


We can find stillness in helping others


We can shift our anger to purpose


Calm Down


Now the smart fellow is an Ambassador


He will go around preaching a message of peace and love


The Governor wants to meet him


The little Ambassador’s words have resonated with him


In this season when we are all fighting for our lives one way or the other


When we do not know who wakes up before dawn comes


Or who departs before sunset


Calm Down


Maybe I should have said that to my mother all those years ago


The days of the slippers, belts and custom-made sticks


Only problem is I would not have been here to write this!


Calm Down. Calm Down. Calm Down.


_Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi is a Gender Specialist, Social Entrepreneur and Writer. She is the Founder of Abovewhispers.com, an online community for women. She is the First Lady of Ekiti State, and she can be reached at [email protected]_


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