When Religion And Its Protagonists Beggar Belief

When Religion And Its Protagonists Beggar Belief

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 2:38 am

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his 5G conspiracy theory

By Ena Ofugara

Here I was hoping the church would stay out of the 5g nonsense and PLUNK! Pastor Chris throws the church in the epicenter of it.

Okay, if we are to agree with them that there is no virus and it is 5g with its limited masts that is causing a global epidemic, and if we are to agree it is the signal making people sick, why do people then recover?

Anyone working in an oncology department or that understands RADIATION and signals, much like FIRE, they will know that until one is removed from the source of that radiation, the damage to the cells and ultimately breaking of the helix of the DNA will continue unabated. So are Chris and his minions saying that inside of a hospital is 5g free? Lots of people get infected right in the hospitals and rehab centers and nursing homes. They also recover there. So how is the recovery happening when 5g radiation is continuous?

Ena Ofugara

The only plausible and logical explanation to recovery is that IT IS A VIRUS. It is why people who come in contact with others get it. Cancer and ailments caused by radiation is not communicable. People in institutions that have been diagnosed as having been infected with COVID19 usually pass it on to their doctors and nurses and roommates. So it is radiation that is passed on?

Okay just explain recovery.

Also, as Ashimolowo asked, is Pastor Chris saying Satan spoke to Trump, Queen of England, Prime minister of England, Xi Jinping of China and Kim Jong-un and Putin and Buhari and all the leaders of the world and made them agree to destroy their economy so their people can get a vaccine or a chip? Trump that has been tooted as God’s Chosen One agreed to do Satan’s bidding? So the accusation and counter accusations of “Chinese Virus” and “US created it” by these feuding world leaders is all a camouflage and melodrama for our enjoyment?

Finally, I thought the Mark of The Beast aka 666 as now epitomized by 5g… I thought RAPTURE WOULD HAVE TAKEN PLACE and those not raptured will then face the choice of accepting the mark or be unable to trade etc? If the 666/5g is here already, is Chris saying RAPTURE has taken place and CHRIS OYAKHILOME IS LEFT BEHIND and is leading people POST-RAPTURE not to accept the mark? So he did not make rapture?
Ha! They really said not all who say “Lord Lord” will enter the Kingdom. So all these our G.Os did not get raptured and the mark of the beast is upon us post-rapture?

I thank Ashimolowo for coming out to offer a different voice for Christians with value for science and knowledge as opposed to conspiracy theories and phantasms to listen to and follow. People who say “obey the man of God” can now point to a logical one to follow.

The painful thing in all this is if the many wonderful and intelligent, yet MISGUIDED and HOODWINKED Christ Embassy members continue to not wash hands, go without masks, talk and spit in each others faces, as we do when talking daily, and cough with people close by. If they are not believing that there is a virus, and continue to live recklessly and when sick blame 5g and then continue to spread it, saying it is a mast somewhere that is responsible for their contracting it and giving it to friends and family, then Pastor Chris has done humanity a great disservice

I urge people to read up on Rev Jim Jones of Guyana. Sometimes the best of us get misguided and do great damage.

-Ena Ofugara, lawyer, writer and social critic, writes from the US

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