2Face Has NEVER Committed Adultery: A Biblical and Godly Analysis

2Face Has NEVER Committed Adultery: A Biblical and Godly Analysis

Sunday, September 5, 2021 2:00 pm



By Ena Ofugara

Nigeria is 50 percent Christian, 50 percent Muslim, and 100 percent African Traditional Religion (It is true. You all use kolanut to pray and pour drinks on women’s feet in marriage and drinks on the floor for ancestors, and have one coded Ifa or babalawo, and or do one or two “cultural” things and beliefs that are clearly from worship of the African gods, each and everyone of us) All of these religions define adultery as ONLY WHEN YOU HAVE SEX WITH A MARRIED WOMAN.

The Bible in the ten commandment said “thou shalt not COVET THY NEIGHBOUR’S WIFE. The Bible goes on to even list items that you must not COVET. None of them was NEIGHBOUR’S HUSBAND. Pls again, see King James Version and REAL Bibles and not all these yeye translated ones. Again, THOU SHALT NOT COVET THY NEIGHBOURS WIFE!

Ena Ofugara

In further buttressing of this Bible’s viewpoint, Solomon had more women in his life than David. The Bible says that “he had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines.” Not once in the Bible was Solomon called AN ADULTERER. Concubines are UNMARRIED WOMEN A MAN HAS SEX WITH WITHOUT HAVING MARRIED THEM. These are not fleeting one night stands but standing relationships.

David, for sleeping with Uriah’s wife is forever known as an ADULTERER.

The New testament also never forbade multiple marriages. Paul talked a lot on FORNICATION and need to be HOLY. But he NEVER CHANGED THE DEFINITION OF ADULTERY, nor did JESUS. John The Baptist was after HEROD for taking HIS BROTHER’S WIFE and not the other single women in his harem

The only frown the new testament had against men and multiple women is they cannot be deacons in church.


In applying same ETERNAL UNCHANGING RULES OF JEHOVAH (who is the same yesterday today and forever) to 2Face Idibia

1. 2Face is a man

2. All his baby mamas were not legally married when he was giving them the good D.

3. The one that married after birthing for him, we never hear he went to that one.

4. The other one that has babies for him, at worst SHE IS HIS CONCUBINE, a Biblically-recognized, never criticized POSITION. At best she is his wife. (rumours abound of a coded bride price payment.

5. And in AFRICAN TRADITIONAL RELIGION AND CULTURE, many times, a woman is allowed to go and procreate with a man and the man can come and PAY BRIDE PRICE LATER. Sometimes, if the woman dies and she has children for the man, the family makes the man pay bride price on the dead woman before he can claim the kids. (Ask your parents and then thank Enalysis Ofugara for this knowledge)

Do I need to analyse Islam and African traditional religion and their belief in a man and multiple women? You do not want to have that conversation

In conclusion therefore, FAITHFULNESS BY A MAN is NOT a Christian requirement, neither is it a Muslim or OGBEGBURU/Babalawo/Ifa/Cultural requirement. It is a FAVOR and CONSIDERATION and KINDNESS by a man to his wife.

On the other hand, faithfulness by the woman is REQUIRED and by PUNISHMENT OF DEATH in Islam, Judaism, Christianity and most world religion.

A MARRIED woman with any other man is clearly the ONLY definition of ADULTERY in the Bible and in ALL RELIGIONS

A married man with an unmarried girl as definition of adultery is EUROPEAN CULTURE, born out of the need to reduce their population with the many famines in Europe some 500 years ago and since, famine that turned them sojourners and conquerors and thieves of people’s lands and resources.

Again, FAITHFULNESS by a man, a wonderful trait that brings peace, and happiness to his home (not guaranteed however) is a FAVOUR to the woman by a GOOD man.

And women who will argue with this post should just say they are tired of OBEYING THE BIBLE or QORAN or Olokun and Sango.

Or have you heard a married man was caught by magu/magoo and got stuck sleeping with an unmarried woman?

I do not make the rules, I “ENAlyse” them CRITICALLY for you.

2Baba has no case to answer before God, the law, man or woman. To Annie, all he owes her is “sorry now. Calm down. Did she swallow me? Am I not here now eh? Oya sorry”

*Ena Ofugara, lawyer, health worker and public affairs analyst, writes from Houston, Texas, United States.

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