Why I Danced in a “Worldly” Manner-Tope Alabi

Why I Danced in a “Worldly” Manner-Tope Alabi

Thursday, February 20, 2020 2:21 pm

Tope Alabi

   By Nehru Odeh

Tope Alabi is a Nigerian gospel artiste adept at releasing hits after hits. She also flavours her music videos with dance steps that are peculiar to her.

Recently a video, which showed her dancing Zanku, a dance many consider worldly, during her dad’s burial ceremony went viral on the internet.  Many criticized her for dancing in such a worldly manner.

Watch video of her dance here

However, Alabi has come out to defend herself. He said she had to dance in such manner because she needed to worship God since she had just buried her dad, adding that those who are spiritual will understand.  She defended herself on WakeUp Nigeria, a breakfast show produced by TVContinenetal .

Watch video of her interview here

“In a nutshell I needed that dance. It was at my other’s burial.  The show was organized by my gospel artiste friends to just worship God after the wake-keep  And I needed to worhip God.  I just needed to. It is not easy to bury your father. Some people died before their father died. So if you are spiritual you will know you need that dance ,” Alabi maintained.

Before she became a gospel artiste, Alabi had produced soundtracks for   secular movies.

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  • victor says:

    Am not happy with her for doing that oooo✋🙏

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