Homosexuality: Man Killed, His Office Set On Fire

Homosexuality: Man Killed, His Office Set On Fire

Thursday, February 20, 2020 4:08 pm

Carcass of a burnt car


A catering company in the heart of Mushin Local government area of Lagos state which belongs to one Mr. Adebayo Alfred (alias Mr. Food) was burnt down by a group of angry youths on Monday 10 February 2020. Trouble started when the chief operating officer, Mr. Uthman Raphael, a business partner of the CEO, was caught in the act of homosexuality with one of the male staff of the company.

Consequently, Uthman was beaten to a stupor by the angry mob after which they set the office ablaze. Two female staff of the company were seriously injured. According to the community head who mobilised local vigilance men and other youths to the scene, “We received report about the atrocity going on in the company long time ago; we have also been on the lookout but today they were caught red handed. We don’t want gay, lesbian or homosexual offices in our community, our states and country at large. Anybody found wanting should be given capital punishment immediately. We say no to same sex marriage, it is forbidden, it is against our culture and traditions.”

The owner of the company, Mr. Adebayo, and other staff have absconded for dear life. However, Mr. Uthman who was taken away by the hoodlums was later found dead; his corpse was found in Oke Afa canal  at Isolo.

Leaders of the community advised youth of nowadays “to always ask question before they jump into any  job.

The matter has been reported to the Police!

More photos:

Injured staff

Another injured member of staff

Damaged ceiling

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