Sen. Elisha Abbo should be in prison

Sen. Elisha Abbo should be in prison

Wednesday, July 3, 2019 9:08 am

Sen. Abbo

By Owei Lakemfa

I have repeatedly watched the video of Senator Elisha Ishaku Abbo representing Adamawa North, battering a sales lady who he admitted in the video clip, was not responsible for whatever angered him. So it was a case of transferred aggression.

I have also read and listened to his defence in the Punch Newspapers, Channels Television and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) My conclusion is that the Distinguished Senator is either mentally challenged, or is on drugs. Whatever the case, he is unfit to hold public office, and is in fact, a danger to society.

The Senate owes itself a duty to distance the Red Chamber from the said Senator Abbo, place him on suspension and investigate the case.

The Inspector General of Police should cause to be investigated, the police officer with Senator Abbo, who watched the lady being battered without raising a finger to stop the crime, and then complicated the victim’s woes by arresting her on the instructions of the violent senator.
Also, the police owe the country a duty to arrest and prosecute Senator Abbo for criminal assault and threat to life.

The Distinguished Senator needs to be removed from decent society. His rightful place is the prison, not sitting in the Senate purportedly making laws for the country.
The criminal prosecution of Senator Abbo should not preclude the victim from taking a civil suit against the quite violent senator.

The good people of Adamawa North Senatorial District cannot be blamed for electing and sending a brute to represent them in Abuja because they might not have known his true character. The truth is that the human flesh conceals the character of the human being. However, they will deserve blame if they do not recall Senator Abbo and send a human being to represent them in the Senate of the Federal Republic.

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