BBN: Returning housemate, Khloe, to “set Cee C straight”.

BBN: Returning housemate, Khloe, to “set Cee C straight”.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 8:07 pm

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“I need to set Cee-C straight. I am gonna be a big sister and tell her to calm down. I have been there before and got disqualified,” she said.

She had earlier stated this on her Twitter handle, @kokobykhloe, saying she would make Cee C go through hell if given the chance to return. Now that the wish has been fulfilled, the stage is set for an almighty drama.

On Monday, Tobi became head of house for the fourth time since the show began. He became the head of house after housemates were given a box of cards to randomly pick names from. Anyone that picked the card that with “Head of House” written on it would become the head of house. Tobi did and automatically became the head of house.

Just as viewers were waiting on Khloe for the drama to begin, Tobi picked Khloe to share the luxury suite with him. This was unexpected, as viewers had hoped he would pick Cee C, who also appeared surprised at the decision.

Will this development stir the drama /Double Wahala viewers have been waiting for? Will there be a clash between Cee C and Khloe? The answers would be delivered during the course of the week.

Big Brother also reset the game, with each and every housemate given a second chance. They have been freed of all strikes or sanctions that could lead to disqualification. After the life nomination show on Sunday, all Housemates were summoned to the arena to undergo a reset and to also get a glimpse of Big Brother. Each housemate stood on a podium with several ninjas positioned in front of a large chair occupied by Big Brother.

The housemates were informed of their offences and were advised not to forget their mission in the House.

Big Brother also offered the Housemates an undisclosed amount of money as an opportunity to leave the game and be reunited with their loved ones, which they all rejected.

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